Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Pirate wrote me from Scotland to find out the status of the local bike/running paths (sucky) and also asked me if Santa was nice to me this year (indeed, he was).

You remember this game when you were little? If you celebrated Christmas, you would make sure you said your thank you's, perhaps even talk to your relatives and say thank you. Some really sadistic parents would even make you start writing your thank you notes. However, as soon as your parents turned you loose you'd aim for the phone or your best friends house.

"WHATJA GET? WHATJA GET?" Then you'd each make your full report.

Now, I could call my sister or best friends from high school to play this game, but to be honest, telling them that I got three pairs of insanely sexy toe socks and an Xlab Flatwing system would be pretty useless. I can just imagine the blank looks now.

However, I'm never too old to play that game, and I have all my buddies in the triathlon blogosphere, so here's my report:

Through his intermediary, Sweet Baboo, I received:
  • a Sansa mp3 player (I will not run without music)
  • a RaceReady singlet, which is super-lightweight, and holds your number with built-in-snaps,
  • Race Ready LD shorts (RaceReady shorts have pockets across the back to hold stuff, and are so lightweight it's like running bare-butt naked).
  • an Xlab flatwing system, which goes off the back of your saddle and holds all manner of items such as cartridges, bottle cages, and an extra tube
  • 3 new tubular tires, in blue, to match Wunderfrost.
and, or course, 3 pairs of pink Injinji socks, which I resolve not to go on about, no matter how insanely sexy they may be.

I finally got all the Christmas decorations, tree, et cetera put away yesterday. Good riddance.

Now, I can start working on my next tri toy wish list...greedy, greedy.



  1. Santa was good to you!! Especially the socks. I do have those shorts and wore them in my second marathon and they worked great for my Gu.

  2. I like those socks! And I want an xlab too....

    Nice job Baboo!

  3. Super J - need, want, gotta have the x-lab! I'd have to see the sox in person - thing is, you can't see the red toe-nail polish, so how sexy can they really be?

  4. You made out well!

  5. I have to have the injinji in pink! I love those sox, with some of my special blister potion, the blisters are a thing of the past.Even in 100 mile ultras! Merry (Late) Christmas!

  6. Thanks to your previous post concerning the Injinji socks, I ordered a pair (black, not pink) and have been wearing them regularly. They are absolutely the best!

    Now you are pointing me in the direction of an Xlab flatwing system.

    I guess I better get my credit card out.

  7. Injinji should send me some money, dontcha think?


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