Monday, April 16, 2007

He's done!

Sweet Baboo just crossed the finish line. I talked to several people still there while he was out on the run course, and they said the wind was brutal, gusting up to 30 mph. I'm sure he'll write about it soon!
Now, where can I get one of those T-shirts, you know the ones, "My husband is an IronMan?"

I'm so proud of him. I know from his time splits that he was hurtin' when he got to the run portion, but he never quit. He never does.


  1. Congratulations to Iron Baboo! Just checked the IMAZ site and saw SB was safely home - what a pig of a day it must have been and how proud you must be :)

  2. I was getting worried about him, and I was so happy to see he made it in! Congrats to him and to you, the Loyal Ironwife!

  3. How proud you must be! That rocks!

  4. WOOHOOO you must be so proud! :)

  5. Yaay!

    Just make sure he doesn't make you call him "iron baboo". Draw the line there.

  6. Oh, no, never. Person-first language, remember? He's not an iron baboo, he's a Baboo who happens to be an Ironman.

  7. Besides, it would be Sweet Iron Baboo...he's such a Sweetie pie. You're so lucky to have such sweet iron around the house.

  8. Congrats again to Baboo and you!

  9. The down side was that you weren't there live and in person. (Wait till Louisville!!)

    I hollered "Go Myles, Go Outlaws!!" at him early on the run, rang my cowbell like crazy, he turned, grinned, and waved at me.

    It was a thrill to watch SB cross that line ...


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