Monday, April 02, 2007

Multisport, ya got me.

I noticed that after I did the sprint on Sunday I felt great. I mean, really, great. I mean, I placed 6 out of 6 in my age division, but I felt all sassy and full of myself, like I usually do after a triathlon, and that's where I finally said to myself, okay, multisport, ya got me.

I'm hooked.

Sweet Baboo has wondered outloud, on more than one occasion, if I don't have body dismorphic disorder. I don't know, but I tell you, man, after a triathlon, no matter what the result, or even after a long slow run, I tell you those endorphins kick in, and when I look in the mirror the person looking back at me is less ugly, less pasty-thighed, less tired than she used to be. Really. It's quite astonishing how it affects me. It's like heroin.

My name is GeekGirl, and I admit that I'm powerless over my addiction.

Soo, now that I know I'm here to stay, I'm ready to start investing in this hobby-turned obsession. I've finally admitted that running and tri-ing is something I plan to keep doing, unlike so many of my other short-attention-span diversions, and I'd like to do it well.

First, I finally admit that despite my love of books, research and reading, I'm finally ready to get help from someone who actually knows what they're doing. (Oh, I know. You're thinking, "but gee, GeekGirl, a 12-minute mile is just BLAZING fast, why the speed, oh, why?")

Many of the New Mexico Outlaws, including Pirate, get coaching from this guy Jimmy (hereafter referred to as The Jimster, just because it's my blog and I can) whom I've heard many, many good things about. And soooooo, this Wednesday I'm going to go and meet the Jimster, and do a speed workout with him and a bunch of folks. It's mostly to make sure there's no serious personality conflicts, but I'm already impressed by what he offers. In particular, when he begins coaching you, he offers an "initial fitness assessment thingy", which, according to his website, includes... analysis of running gait, bike fitting for all bikes you train and race on,
swim stroke analysis of all strokes, nutritional consultation, body compostition,
postural assessment, weight room routines, VO2 max and Sub Max testing,

and mental training and racing strategies.

How cool is that?

Along those same lines, Sweet Baboo has finally talked me into splurging and getting a serious tri bike. I've balked at this before because, as you may or may not know, I once bought a house for $2500. It was when I was horribly poor and living in rural South Dakota, raising three kids, and going to college. From then until now, nearly 20 years later, I tend to compare things to the cost of that house. As in, "I can't buy that - it costs more than a house."

However, I think I'm sufficiently comfortable now that I'm employed and no longer single to do something nice for myself. So, I'm thinking Colorado Multisport in Denver. I'm thinking Kestral airfoil pro, because I'm wondering if no seat tube = softer ride. I'm thinking HED 3's. Yeah, I know - I vowed not to make my bike any lighter until I made myself lighter. I didn't say anything about a new bike, however, so I get off on a technicality.

Any suggestions? comments or experiences in getting bike bling?



  1. Ha, ha. Someone asked me the other day why I do triathlons, and I told her that I get high from them. I do, really. You know exactly what I mean. It's that feeling of accomplishing something that's sooo hard. Every minute of it is a challenge. Love. It. By the way, that sounds like an awesome package with the coaching!

  2. LOL you finally admit you're hooked on multisport - AFTER you enter an Ironman!! You rock!
    I'm drooling over your bike. And it's red so it will go even faster.

  3. No suggestions but to go ahead and indulge yourself! Life is short, you deserve it! The analysis "thingy" sounds pretty darn cool! If you pick up your bike in CO, please let me take you guys to lunch!

  4. I looked at the Jimster's site - does this guy have any actual education? I see he's worked in a bunch of clubs, but....

  5. Great choice on Colorado Multisport. Get in touch with Ryan Ignatz. He's great and was very helpful in bike selection and working with me to find a ride that met my needs and budget.

    Unfortunately, in the end, I could not justify the expense of flying from Vegas to Denver to buy a bike.

    Their customer service is the best I've seen...even after I did buy from them.

  6. I signed up for the Ironman mainly because it was a challenge. I do lots of things because they are a challenge once or twice, then I lose interest. That hasn't happened yet with triathlon.

  7. If you are looking for a soft riding bike, why not a Soft Ride bike? Just a thought. Since my bling limit is 1500 dollars, I am of no use to you right now. Sorry.

  8. Nancy - it takes more than edjumacation and your coveted Level III-ness for a good triathlon coach.

    I asked him about the Level III thing, and why he didn't go for it - he said (among other things) that one thing that you get with Level III is the ability to charge more money. Did he think his clients wanted that? No. Was it worth it to him? No.

    I will not hear a bad thing said about Jimmy. I've been using him for over a year, and I'm a happy customer. In my opinion, he's got it where it counts.


  9. p.s. - that is one purdy kestrel...

  10. You go GG! Red is fastest!! You'll be cleaning up with a new Tri Bike.


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