Monday, June 15, 2009

Streamlining for workouts.

I was at my stylist's last Friday waiting for my appointment and saw this picture in people magazine.

I don't really know who she is, and just in case you do, I don't care who she is. I don't watch anything these days but Netflix movies and comedy central. I DO like that haircut, though, so I asked my stylist if I could wear something like that, and he was all OMG, you could TOTALLY wear that! And I could do it!

I told him that I tried a cute cut last year, but it just never stood up to my lifestyle. It looked fine as lone as I sat still and stayed out of the wind. I told him that and and he flipped a towel at me. That's because you didn't have ME for your stylist.
It was the day before the annual Pride parade, and he was all full of pride, a day early, and I told him so. But, I believed him, and I even let him take me darker, which he swore would make me look younger. I'm not convinced. I've been a bottle blonde too long, I guess. But I do like the cut.
It's passed several important tests, in which it still looked decent after the following:

1) The, I-just-ran-a-mountain-trail-marathon-wearing-a-visor-sweating-profusely test (Saturday afternoon).

2) The bicycle-helmet-for-30-miles test (Sunday morning).

3) The, I-ran-a-marathon-and-my-bike-30-miles-the-next-day-and-so-badly-sunburned-I-still-haven't-taken-a-shower (Phewwww, Sunday night) test.


Meanwhile, the BRA arrived, shipped to me from Moving Comfort to review. I wore it to the trail marathon on Saturday. It passed a couple of very important tests:

1) I forgot I was wearing it.

2) It held the girls in place without being too restrictive.

3) I didn't wear any body glide, and even when I wore it alone as a top I had no chaffing

4) I was able to drop a handful of ice in my cleavage, and it stayed (meaning that there was good, "separation" which is a bra-specific term, guys.

The final test for the bra will be IM 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake. Then I'll write my review.



  1. w00t! On both counts! (I have never had a cut that would truly survive extended time in a helmet.)

  2. That is a cute cut!

  3. Good thing you couldn't see the back of the cut on the magazine cover! Trust us on that one. I like the cut and color on you.

  4. Cute hair. And thanks for the tip on the bra. I need one with good support, so I will look into that one. Thanks.


  5. great haircut...your stylist doesn't visit Melbourne does he?

  6. Moving Comfort sports bras ROCK! But I'll let you be the judge. My favorite (the only one I buy) is the Maia.

    Can't wait to read your review on this one.

  7. The power of a good haircut cannot be overestimated, in so many ways....and to find one that can stand up to an actual athlete's life - you GO! :) It looks great! I'm about to hack it off yet shorter, I think. I have different problems with bras and am still on that quest. Thanks for the tip on the ice, I may need it for a hot race this weekend.

  8. Somehow my mind's ear invented a stereotypical lisp for the words of your stylist.

    BSLT is a final test for a lot of things--me included. I don't know why I keep going back, but I do.


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