Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

Miscellaneous stuff. I tried to shorten this, to no avail.

1) There are two things about my new house I don't like. One is the roaring canyon wind that blasts everything in its path occasionally. At 18% humidity, it's a dry, 35 mph wind blowing across new plants we're trying to grow.

2) the other thing is the panhandlers at the nearest grocery story. Hey, BEARDY. I'm not a SUCKER.

3) Mini-baboo is here for one last week before boot camp (4 days to go) and I've already reverted to "crazy insane Mom". I can't find my keys, and I'm slamming kitching implements on the counter top as I screetch why is there lettuce all over the counter, when I haven't eaten any today? And what happened to all the bread? I refuse to do any housework or visit the grocery store until he's gone. What's the point?

4) In my self-imposed experiment of how-far-can-I-go-before-getting-my-roots-touched-up I have determined that tomorrow is at least one week too long. oh, Don't look at me...I'm hideous...

5) Along my commute there is a BIKE BOULEVARD, and it is awesome. Speed limit for cars is 18 mph, and you feel all empowered and stuff, staring drivers down. YOU WILL YIELD TO ME. YOU WILL. YOU MUST!

6) The Navy says if Mini-Baboo doesn't lose 5 pounds by the 15th, they'll test his bodyfat, which must be below 25%. I am wholly confident a 190-pound, 5'11" 18-year-old is below 25% bodyfat, but just in case...guess who's on a 1-week crash diet now? and when did the Navy get THAT picky? UPDATE: Using a hip-to-weight ratio (a bit less unreliable than the weight/height calculation), the Navy has determined his BMI to be 23%.

6) My automatic cat feeder is the shiz. The cats, up to an hour before a scheduled feeding, will all be standing or lying down, facing the machine. I think they've formed a religion. The machine will give you food, if you only pray hard enough. If not, then you haven't prayed hard enough or you were wicked. Hey, Whitney! Quit licking yourself and pray!

7) For the first time in my life, I'm mostly kinda sorta sticking to a training plan.

8) My tubular blew on a training ride last week, and I changed it myself MYSELF all by myself. A guy offered to help and I was all, no, I have to do this myself.
Good thing, too, because when I took the glue strip out, he said, "what is that?" Dude. If you point to something that goes on my bike and say, "what is that?" then just step away. Step away from the bike.

9) My thyroid thing: I guess I'm one of the 'sensitive' ones that can't eat or take vitamins within 4 hours of taking my meds, and I've had to give up soy every day. My lattes are made from almond milk now.

10) Not having my 2-cup soy latte every morning means my body was bursting into flames every couple hours. I solved this by taking black cohosh every day.

11) We found a new bike mechanic. He was recommended by three of our friends, and his shop/house is--get this--1/5 of a mile from our house.

12) My increased training means, of course, insane hunger has returned.
This is the kind of hunger I only experience while training for and immediately after an Ironman. My body screams for food that makes NO sense. i want ice cream! and spaghetti! at the same time! put some hot sauce on that! and get me some almond butter! WHERE ARE MY EGGS?
Here we see Baboo trying desperately to satiate me -->

13) I'm not sure I'm in good enough shape to finish the Valles Caldera Marathon (8-hour cutoff) in 2 days.
I am in good enough shape to start it, though. See you at the finish line. Eventually.
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  1. I'm with you on number 9. Have to wait and I gave up soy lattes too. Just wish S'bucks would carry Almond milk. :(

  2. You're making me laugh again. And that's such a nice thing. Good karma for you.

    The mental image of the cats worshiping the auto-feeder is classic.


  3. The automatic cat feeder (the One True God) only works if you truly believe in it.

  4. Boy, do I sympathize with number 4 -- but for me it's cuts. And the next one will be one week too long between!

    (George, the cat who used to own me, used to make offerings if his dish became empty while I was out. He would put a favourite toy right in the middle, where the missing food should have been. I always said he made offerings to the Food Gods.)

  5. You crack me up, had me lmao on most of these points.

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I heart almond milk!!


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