Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I had a spinach feta wrap on Tuesday from STARBUCKS. If this keeps up, I'll have to start forwarding my mail there. Food, they have there now.

2. I can share a bit about my job at the VA, but just a little: one of my duties is to recruit patients for research studies. One of the studies specifically requires subjects have an existing psychotic disorder. So here's the scenerio, and I'll let you guess how it often ends: Good morning, Mr. ___. I'm from the government, and we want to study you.

3. I bought a Finis Tempo Trainer. I became interested in them Momo used one last year at IMCDA. I've been testing it out all this week. I like it. I tend to dilly-dally in the pool, mosy-ing a long, getting slower and slower - this keeps me focused on moving forward.

4. Since I've had to rethink my eating due to the thyroid thing, I am now trying to eat a tiny bit every hour most of the day, lots of fruits and veggies included. I stay around 1500 calories on training days. When I have longer events or workouts, I drink or eat extra calories.

5. The forecast for this Sunday at BSLT is 92. yay. I loves me some heat. Time to get out my "cool off bandana" I used this on the 96-degree run at Barb's Race last summer, and it rocks.

6. Sweet Baboo has nearly finished all his interviews for the job he wants. YES, this has been going on since December. So far, he's gotten good feedback.

7. I eat a hard-boiled egg every morning, peeling it into my trash can. I'm eating 2 cups of mixed vegetables every day with my lunch, which I heat in the microwave. This week, my mixed veggies are cauliflour, brocolli, carrots, and squash. Guess what my office smells like by noon?

8. I've accepted that this is a year of adjustment, and I'll be slower as I work on on how to train while working a regular 40-hour job, dealing with the thyroid stuff, et cetera. Next year will be a better year.

9. I talked to my Endocrinologist this week, and he agreed that we should up my medication. He didn't chide me or make me feel like a silly little girl, as I feared. I don't know why I feared that. But I did.

10. I'll be giving my bra from Moving Comfort its final test this weekend. It will get the "Lubbuck, in June" test. Then, I'll write my review.

11. I've lost my keys. Yes, again. Shut up.

12. Distances so far this month: 190 Mi Bike, 40.2 Mi Run, 9700 m. Swim. Kinda puny, but whaddaya want. I'm planning for this to double in July to get ready for the REDMAN Iron Distance.

13. Never forget that sometimes, when you attempt to do extraordinary things, you will fail. But then you'll pick yourself, and learn what you need to to know to go on and do other, extraordinary things.

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  1. Good luck this weekend!! It has been miserably hot here in Lubbock, but at least you are familiar with the course. You will do great!

  2. You ran more than i have for this race! hey how can i get one of those bandana thingies last minute?

  3. Current forecast is 89 - that's cold. I'm excited! Here in Austin today is supposed to be 105. I had a short run this morning at 6 and it was 80...


  4. Me too. Need Bandanna. I'll pay top dollar if you bring an extra one to the race. :-)

  5. Re: #13 and for everything this weekend, you rock. Plain and simple. Thank you.

    I can't wait to read all about you kicking BSLT's butt all over Lubbuck!

  6. I'll be rooting for ya!!!

  7. Go get em!!
    That is so funny you are a tempo trainer girl... ha ha ha, my coach would LOVE you, I have purposely tried to lose mine!

    AND #13, perfect, so needed to read this, thank you so much. OH, the Hula girl was on Antonio...

    Have a fun race!

  8. Personally it's the reduced fat egg mcmuffin like thing at Sbucks that gets me (huge and so good), and the original maple scones. I hear good things about the gf valencia orange cake some stores have. And, they sent me new keychain Sbucks cards to try - preloaded with $5 each! Swoon.

    #4 - yep, it stinks
    #6 - crossing fingers!
    #8 - see #4, and what a sane and adult approach

    #9 - ALL RIGHT! Give yourself a huge pat on the back. You probably feared it because of past experiences and things you've heard from folks. Perfectly reasonable to feel that way. Good for you, and good for your endo for his reaction.

    #12 - only puny to you

    #13 - so true

  9. I really like no. 13! And well done getting on to your thyroid bloke - hope the changes make all the difference


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