Thursday, August 05, 2010

Call me Cranky McBossypants. Thursday 13.

13. Last week, I started my ultra running training in earnest, and may I just say:

That is all.

12.  I really hate the fact that my tummy floats.  I mean, I'm feeling all slim and sleek, and then I take a soaking tub bath - I know, I know, TMI - but there it is, floating, as if to say, you think you're getting slimmer, but you're got a lot of running yet to do, fatty.  It isn't even firm--it moves with the water.  Ew, I know.  If you're not in your 40s yet, behold: here's what you have to look forward to.  I remember the first time I saw my grandma naked by mistake.  I had nightmares for weeks.  Now all I can think about is: that will be me some day.

11.  Thursday I returned from a near 7 mile run.  Not much of a run, but it was after a week in which I ran 6 out of 7 days, for a total of about 44 miles.
I had a full glass of wine.  I love to do this after a long run or long week of running, because it goes straight to my legs.  They get all warm and weak and stuff.

10.  This week at work, I resisted the urge to tell another clinician, you're an idiot.  I know, I know.  *snif* Your baby is growing up.  Not that she didn't totally deserve it, because she is.  An idiot, I mean.
But I resisted, which means I'm getting all mature and shit.

9.  Thursday is official cheat day for me.  By then I've banked a lot of extra activity points in WW. I don't make Saturday cheat day because that's day before weigh day.  I don't use my activity points, for the most part.  when I say binge, I'm talking about the extra 35 points I get each week, my "anytime" points.
Last week I went down to the South Valley in Albuquerque and got 2 donuts.  Cheat day a ritual that I plan carefully in advance.  I haven't decided yet what this week will be. I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, it will be fried.
Yeah baby.  Hey, you fried--whatever you are--come to mama.

8.  Addendum to #13:  I'm TIRED.

7.  I really did think that once a person turned 45, that they would stop worrying about what other people think of them.  I guess it never ends.
Of course, having said that, it occurs to me that I only worry about what people my age and older think about me.  So when you think about it, the number of people about whom I worry as to their opinion about me dwindles every year.  If you're under 45, I have to honestly say I don't care.  So there's that. A very good thing about getting older, which almost offsets floating tummy fat.

6.  I'll be starting back to school soon.  My two classes encompass two of my running days.  That means that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I HAVE to get up at 5 and run.  Which means on Mondays and Wednesdays, I HATE to get to bed early. 

5.  Addendum to #13 and #9:  I SMELL BAD.

4.  With regard to #6, Sweet Baboo still tolerates me.

3.  Now that I'm out of contact lenses, all my running will be done with my bifocals, because in addition to being a procrastinator, I'm also disorganized, and can't find my prescription sunglasses.  Don't bother telling me this is all my fault.  I already know it.  I already am forming two painful indentations in the sides of my nose.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not a real person, with my pills, hearing aid, glasses, and inhaler.  I'm practically a cyborg.
Meanwhile, I'm married to a man whose thyroid works fine, has no mood disorder, perfect hearing and vision, never needs Albuterol, is wicked fast, strong, runs up 12k mountains with no altitude sickness.  I bet you're wondering why he married me.
It's simple:  I cook.  There are other things, too.  We don't need to talk about them here. 

2.   This is Weight Watcher's conceptualization of  Hunger.  I so want one of these things.  It's adorable.  It's even more adorable than the naughty furry credit rating that wets the carpet on TV.
Look: He has a unibrow!  {{{{{}}}}}}

1. I have awesome friends.  In case you thought you had great friends because they send you cards and call you on the phone - look again: we have friends crewing and pacing for Baboo at Leadville who are willing to eat sparsely, sleep intermittently, run in the middle of the night, eat a lot of dust.  I also have a couple of volunteers to crew for me at Javalena Jundred.  I think you'll agree I'm an extremely lucky woman to have such friends!



  1. Good to see that you are motivated to train. I hope you can keep it gentle enough to prevent injuries.

    When we first started doing ultras (in 2008), our weight loss came to a screeching halt. Came as a big surprise. Then last fall I upped the mileage (to 45+) for a while (before an injury interfered), and lost a pound a week, down to 138. I couldn't seem to eat enough and wasn't super hungry. Sadly, the same has not occurred this year (yet- I'm still holding out hope).

    The interview Jimmy Moore did with Dr. Lustig (obesity researcher) was really fascinating. See It's worth a listen. He talked about studies on obese kids using octreotide (insulin secretion inhibitor) and how the kids starting becoming more active before they had even begun to lose weight. Something about the body realizing it had the energy to spare. It's all in the hormones, we just don't understand them very well yet.

    Wish I could run a 100 miler. Pretty sure I'd have a rough time (last 50 miler wasn't pretty). Good luck with training!


  2. Your running like that and don't use any of the activity points!! WOW! No wonder your hungry, I would be reallyy grump (and I love the little hungry monster too)!

    I don't comment often but you are such an inspiration to me. In you I can see what is possible!

  3. You are an extra special woman! I also love the visualization of hunger!

  4. I love the hungry monster. I want to snuggle and baby talk him to death.

  5. 7. I am under 45 and I think the world of you.

  6. Mine floats too. Early 30s. It's a sad world.

  7. almost 57...and I say yoga and planks will take care of that tummy floating you have going on there.

  8. Thanks for visiting our blog. I responded to your comment if you didn't see.

    I wanted to add that I think my racing performance was better the closer to my initial weight loss (6.5 hours for a hilly 50K rather than 7.5 now). I think I've managed to lose some muscle over the past year lugging around less weight. I put 25lbs in a pack and climbed a local mountain yesterday and couldn't believe how hard it was. I used to weigh that much extra, but I no longer have the muscle to support it. But that should be an advantage for you right now.

  9. always remember that wobbly belly fat is better than the hard fat :)


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