Friday, August 13, 2010

Fancy running bling.

Dear Diary,

I made a comment earlier to my facebook friends that ultrarunning doesn't include spandex or bling, but sometimes it does.

It all started with that email from SkirtSports.  On Thursday, I sent Baboo a message from work.

Subject: DROOL.

Now, I don't expect my hubby to be excited about clothing.  This is my early warning system to ease into the idea that I'm going to buy something, some day.  But the next afternoon, the UPS guy bounded up the steps and handed me a package, which I immediately turned over to Baboo, since it was addressed to him, and I figured he had lots of last-minute Leadville equipment and accoutrements coming in.  He handed it back to me. 

He'd had it shipped.  Overnight. Without saying anything to me about it.

I'm now properly outfitted for running with Ms. Cuteness herself at Rio Del Lago. 

I'm ready for my closeups, Stacey.


  1. OMG!!!

    1. I LOOOOOOOVE that outfit! A-DOR-A-BLE!!

    2. Could you be any hotter?! Seriously?! That is an AWESOME picture! (If I may be so crass, I can see why S.Baboo purchased said outfit. hubba hubba)

    I am going to have to procure a cute outfit that compliments yours so we can win best dressed!

    I have no shot at any other type of award, so I make up my own. And, let's be honest, those trail runners may be stick thin, bark eaters but, their outfits? Not cute.

    I so do NOT blend in at ultra and trail events. I am the "loud, crazy Aunt Clarice that no one wants to invite to Christmas, but you have to every year because she was your dead uncle's wife" of trail running.


    So be it. I am cool with that.

  2. WOWSAH! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! and you look AWESOME in it! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Quite the fetching outfit! What a nice hubby- I'd say he's a keeper!

    I thought I didn't like such girly clothes and certainly not silly running skirts, but a similarly cute outfit (not as cute though) caught my eye at ZombieRunner, and now it's my default race outfit. I'm sure this one will inspire you to run better too :).


  4. Gorgeous! Love the outfit :)

  5. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

  6. Not only is the outfit super cute, but you look great!! Keep up all the hard work because you look fabulous and in shape!

  7. Two words: AWE and SOME!

  8. First, you look great! Second, big points for Sweet Baboo! You both rock.

  9. I love it!!!! Baboo is a doll! YOu look fab and it will give you that extra bit of confidence for all your races!

  10. Ran a long run today in the top. It passed the "I forgot it was there and didn't have to tug on anything" test.

  11. omg sweet baboo is awesome - and you look fab!

  12. Anonymous8:13 PM

    You look awesome - and you're right, Sweet Baboo is awesome!


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