Friday, August 20, 2010

the Greater Baboo at Leadville

UPDATE: He finished in 27 minutes and forty-something seconds. Much faster than we expected, despite the fact that the course is actually 102.5 miles. ($*&%!) I crewed him from 4:00 am until I paced him his last 15 miles the next day, and so I'm whooped *whine*.

We're both headed for a hot bath and a nap. I'm sure his race report will be up soon.



  1. Evil. Positively E.V.I.L.!

    Fine, I will go on Facebook, but let the record reflect, this was only under the threat of no Leadville updates, which is just plain EVIL!

    Off to Facebook and hoping my face does not melt.

  2. Ok, now you have to tell me how I get the updates (and the cookies, I was promised cookies) since I have no idea how to navigate Hades... I mean, Facebook.

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    OK. I would totally do this, but I have no idea what your "real" name instead, I will rely on updates via your blog on his fantastical progress through the race.

  4. RBR - Once she accepts your friend request the updates will just pop up. :)

  5. #@!* found this too late. you really want to be fb friends with a bunch of folks you don't know anyhow? likely not...

    anyhoo...can't wait to hear how Baboo did!

  6. 27 min and 40 something seconds is REALLY fast to do over 100 mi :)

  7. Sorry guys, but it was much easier to load updates to FB from my mobile phone than to blogger.


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