Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's simpler here.


It's simpler here. 

"In jail?  How is it simpler in jail?"

I don't have to do so much.  There's a lot of food.  There's a bed.  There's someone to wake me up, and tell me when to go to school.  I don't have to so much---stuff.   It's complicated on the outside.

"When you're not in jail, what do you do?"

I have to get myself something to eat.  Lots of times, I could go to my auntie's and she would give me something to eat, but that was at night.

"What about school?"

I didn't know how to get signed up.  When it was time to sign up, my mom was gone.


She went somewhere with her boyfriend.  I ain't sayin' I'm always where I outta be.  But at least here, there's like, you know....the same stuff, every day.  Someone always tells me what to do next.  I sleep better here, too. 

"A routine.  You mean a routine?  What it sounds like you're saying is, you have to figure out everything on your own on the outside."


"Are you telling me you sleep better in jail?"

I don't have to think so much.  Stuff happens the way I expect most days.  I don't worry so much. 

"Is there anything else you want me to know about you?  Anything else I should know?"

Ummm....I can't think of anything.  Wait - also, they got me glasses here.  And I got to see a dentist.



  1. Its so true!! I've heard the same story plenty of times! What about a GED and a College degree as well?!! Life is better for some!

  2. Interesting - I believe it.

  3. Let's hope "mom" doesn't have any more kids with her "boyfriend"-

  4. I'm a high school teacher...I hear the same thing all the time. Sad...


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