Thursday, September 09, 2010

mostly about numbers. Thursday Thirteen, the afternoon edition.

13.  8, part 1.  I am sitting here writing this wearing size 8 pants.

12.  8, part 2.  Wait, did I say size 8? I am.  I ordered these and waited 2 terrifying weeks for them to arrive, convinced that this would be a humiliating trip back to the store, where I would have to trade them in for a larger size. It was not.  They fit.  Not just went on: fit.

11.  1 mile.  Wednesday I wanted to do an easy run so I chose to go down the street from work and park next to a Starbucks.  From there, this is a sidewalk that leads to a bike path.  The bike path leads to a new pedestrian bridge, installed just this year.  (The picture to the right is one taken during its construction).  It was dedicated last month and officially opened.

The bridge runs along I40, crosses the Rio Grande, and descends from the west mesa gently to the valley, where there's a main bike/pedestrian path.

This path runs through the bosque, about 15 miles along the river through the middle of town.  It runs north to south, from the Pueblo of Isleta bordering the city to the south, to the Pueblo of Sandia borderling it on the north end.

I can't tell you how awesome this thing is.  It's about a mile from Starbucks down to the river.

Before this, I would have had to drive to another location about 5 miles away, and then still had to cross the river to access the bike path, not nearly as cool a trip, either.  The pictures don't show it, but there are artsy arches over the bridge, with arty renderings of wildlife.  I'll take my own pictures soon.  

It is just absolutely the coolest thing.  There were families walking up and down it.  It's being used well already.  Once down on the bosque, I ran another 7 miles, and then went back up the bridge to my car.  This is about 5 minutes from work.  Of course, it goes without saying: post run nonfat mocha.  
*Sigh* I love living in Albuquerque.  I can't wait to do these runs after work when the leaves on the cottonwoods start turning.  

10.  70.4 September's run miles so far.  Ish.

9.  778.  Year total miles.  Ish.  

8.  18.  I guess I was hoping that when the kids were grown some guy would show up with some sort of finisher's prize and say, congratulations, they're done.  you don't have to worry about them any more.  
Nope, no such luck.  The worrying continues, without the daily aggravation of finding food in the couch.  

7.  2? I wore a mole clean off my back.  It's gone.  What's left is a little scab.  I think my hydration pack did it.  I hope this doesn't have some sort of serious repercussion, like two growing back in its place.  

6.  8, part 3.  Okay, back to the size 8 thing.  What's weird about it is that the last time I wore this size, I weighed much less.  Like, 15 pounds less.  I guess that's the whole muscle mass thing.  

5.  Anonymously, to my daughter:  My opinion of tongue piercings is that once you no longer have the suffix "-teen" on your age, you're too old to do it.  Exceptions might include people who pierce and tattoo for a living, musicians, and art majors  still in college. 
Meanwhile.  If you're related to me by having been born from me, that's my opinion, so deal with it.  

4.  My boss bribed me to do some extra work.  I let her. I let my boss bribe me to do my job.  Yes, I did.  I got a meal out of it.  Last week I got chocolate.    

3.  6:56.  That's what time my plane leaves tomorrow morning for Sacrimento.  

2.  31.0.  That's how many miles I'll be running/hiking/walking on Saturday.  Here's the course profile:

Now, see that really huge hill?  At mile 19ish?  That's called 'cardiac hill'.  I turn around BEFORE that, at mile 15.5, and go back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  
It's rolling, gorgeous, and scenic.  The entire course covers part of the Western States trail.  

1.  100.  Baboo does not, sorry to say, turn around.  He keeps going.  Because he's a freak.stud.  



  1. OMG, Just stumbled on your blog. You are so funny and so inspirational! Congrats on Size 8! That's awesome!

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Wow I'm still having a few nagging doubts about my first marathon and then there are folks like you that are Ultras! Then there are freaks like your husband almost doing 4 marathons in a row!
    Makes 26.2 seem doable now :-) Good luck this weekend!

  3. Wow, congratulations on the size 8 and good job on the 70+ miles already this month. Have fun on your 31 mile "training run"! You are officially one of "those" people now, treating marathons and 50Ks as training runs :)

  4. Yay for size 8!! I always enjoy your 13 things :)

  5. congrats on the size 8.. amazing!! great post as always..

  6. If your daughter gets her tongue pierced (re-pierced) she will keep us Speech Pathologists in business as they are finding that eventual nerve damage goes along with the piercing, and you really need your tongue to talk well...
    Have fun this weekend...both of you!

  7. good luck tomorrow! Cardiac is a btch--especially at mile 19.

  8. Woo Hoo to size 8!!! Good luck at your race! And again Woo Hoo to size 8!

  9. From one Albuquerque Athena to another, I just wanted to say that I love your blog AND the new bridge from Wal-Mart down to the Bosque. I was so excited the day I rode by and saw that the Bridge Closed sign was gone! Hopefully I'll get to see you on it at some point! :)

  10. Wow! My first time on your blog. You've been a busy girl. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm a lifestyle and weight management coach so I know how tough it is to accomplish all you have.

    I'm a fellow blogger out looking at other folks blogs. It's kind of like watching people in the park. It's fun. Your blog will take me a bit to find my way lol. I'm dyslexic so finding the home page can be tough.

    Take care! Come and see my place sometime:) I'm a blogspot girl too!

  11. Anonymous8:48 PM



    That's awesome!!

    And the fact that you can say you're "only" running 30 miles!? Doubly awesome.


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