Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Javalena Approaches: Thursday Thirteen

Dear Diary,

13)  Why weight-watchers works for me:  Because, I am, essentially, one of Skinner's pigeons. I will do anything for more points.  That way  I can eat the crappy food I love.  A 10-mile trail run is 15 points?
Peck, peck, peck. 
Now give me my damned kettle-fried potato chips.

12) It is now less than 6 weeks from Javalena.  I'm completely freaking out about this because my feet hurt so much last weekend.  How am I going to cover 100K, much less 100 miles, if 50K makes me whine and cry?

11) Now, having said that:. This stuff.  Hills Brothers sugar-free double mocha.  I've only been able to find it at WalMart.  Lately, it's getting harder to find.  I mean, it's essentially cocoa with a kick, but it's one point per serving.  They are going to seriously piss me off if they discontinue my warm chocolate morning fuzziness. 
10) Gordy Ansleigh, who essentially invented ultra-running, was at the event this past weekend.  I got to meet him (translation: I yelled "Good job, Gordy!" and he acknowledged that he heard me.)
It should be noted that on his person there was no shirt, no compression leg sleeves, no fancy hat, no hydration pack, no injinjis.  Nope, just a pair of 70s running shorts, running shoes, and a single hand-held bottle.

When he ran by Baboo in the middle of the night, Baboo looked at me, and said, "he started 45 minutes late, he's 63, and he's kicking my ass." This is what a big deal this guy is in the ultra-running community; there are are T-shirts with his face on them, looking godlike. 

9)  Here's Baboo at RDL.  When you are not at the back of the pack, you get your picture taken, did you know that?  I'd heard  about it.   

8) Also, apparently, some people smile while they run.

I'm envious of people who are photographed looking happy when they run.  I love running, but I'm always photographed on the downstroke, with a look of abject suffering on my face.  You have to get me standing still to get a smile.

7) It occurred to me that crewing is an all-night road party, without the vodka and "e".  It's 24 hours of sleep deprivation, trying to overcome disorientation with caffeine, slamming Red Bulls, driving while tired, holding your friend's hair while they puke on a trail, crappy food from the convenience store at 2 am, it's all a blast from the past,  but at least in the end, instead of just a hangover, there's a finisher's medal.

6)  While I was pacing Brian, he burping from all the ginger-ale. Apparently, this bothered him quite a bit. He would prefer not to make uncivilized noises around me. 

Thus, I make this promise: to anyone pacing me, you will hear and see some very ugly shit.  I won't feel bad about it.   Just look away, and plug your ears.  

5) This happened at work recently:
  • Me: Okay, let's see. Now are there any religious or cultural needs that we need to take into account with regard to your child's treatment?
  • Dad: Huh?  [confused]
  • Me: Do you have any religious needs that we need to know about, any traditions, special needs?
  • Dad: Well...I'm Muslim. (smiles).
  • Me: OK. (writing this down)
  • Dad; No! No!  I was just kidding.  That was a joke!  I'm not a Muslim!  I'm just a regular American!
  • Me:  'Regular'?
  • Dad:  You know, the usual.
  • Me:  Tell me what 'usual' means to you. 
  • Dad: Christian.  You know.  Regular.
  • Me: 'kay.  (writing this down)
  • Dad; (shifts uncomfortably in his chair)
  • Me: Anything else you'd like me to know about your son?
  • Dad: Just know, we're just a regular family.  Regular. 
  • Me: 'Regular.'  Got it. 
  • Dad: We're not Muslim. 
  • Me:  Okay.
  • Dad:  I just--I didn't want you to think we were.  Because. We're not. 
  • Me:  Right-o.  (writing in my notes: Father reports "regular" with respect to spiritual beliefs)
4)  Last night, it was 89 degrees when it was time for me to run, and I refused.  I'm mean, c'mon.  We had a long, cold, dark winter, 5 minutes of spring, and then a long hot dry summer.  What the hell?  Can I at least get a decent fall?

3) I wanted to give a big how-dee-do to Drs Cynthia and David, who I met at Rio Del Lago.  She gut checked the hundred-miler DID YOU HEAR WHAT I READ?  SHE GUT CHECKED A HUNDRED-MILER.  I don't know how far she got into it BECAUSE SHE HASN'T POSTED AN ENTRY SINCE JUNE.  Anyway, as we say in New Mexico: Cajones.  She gots 'em.  

2) Baboo bought a movie, "100 miles to 40" about the Western States run. In the movie they talk about this woman who started her training at the Las Vegas marathon in 2007.  They showed the running Elvi taking off in 2007.  Guess who was framed in that shot?  Guess?  Go ahead, guess.  


I'm walking, in a dress and a wig, but I'm in it.  

1) Here's a tip from your Aunt Misty: If you're standing around waiting for the race to start, and commenting on how beautiful the morning is right that moment, perfect for running, then you're overdressed, and your day is going to suck after the sun comes up.  



  1. LAUGHING at the apparently some people smile when they run.
    each and EVERY time I get out there I have that same thought...and same certainty I DO NOT want to know what my face looks like.


  2. I love your thursday thirteen :) always makes me smile.

  3. I'm a running smiler and a joyous laugher when I cross the finish line. I always get confused by people who start to sob.

  4. Thank you for my Thursday smile.

  5. I love the tip from Aunt Misty! That one made me smile!

  6. Thanks for writing this post. My day is better already.

  7. Yay for Gordy and sticking with the basics and away from all the hype and unnecessary "stuff" you DON'T need for running ultras.
    Aunt,la,la...I can't hear you!!!!

  8. Fe-lady, are you saying you're willing to do a hundred-miler with no shirt and some old canvas running shoes? That would be quite a sight.

  9. You're too funny. Love the pigeons. We're all kooky in one way or another, that's why different things work for different folks.

    Ok, Ok. I'm working on a post about my racing and injury adventures (I'm only a year behind!). Then I'll get to Rio.

    A corollary to your point #1: if you're standing around waiting to run and you're comfortable in whatever you're wearing, you're overdressed and/or it's too hot. I run shirtless more often than not it seems (but not quite like Gordy- with a running bra).


  10. You said he was wearing running shoes...not canvas sneakers!
    But the shoes I wore for my long stuff were low-profile, minimally padded "Tigers" (Or Asics to you youngstgers)-
    I wore a shirt...but at times I didn't wear a bra! :-)

  11. great post.
    love the blog

  12. You crack me up.
    With all this weight loss, are you going to change your blog name to Twiggy Diaries? Really. We athenas are starting to feel fat around you.


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