Thursday, October 14, 2010

Counting down...Thusday 13.

Dear Diary,

13.  Sunday me and the bitches went clothes-shopping.  I put myself into their capable hands because, honestly, I don't know what I can wear now.  I have an idea of how I like to look, and what is appropriate.  Roughly speaking, whether I work with teenagers, or the mentally ill, or both, I try to be as forgettable as possible.  They have enough on their minds.
For your entertainment, I'm including some pictures that were taken.

12.  I was surprised at what fit me.  I felt leggy.  I haven't ever felt leggy before.  Even when I WAS leggy.  I wound up getting a dress, sweater, bustier and skirt from White House | Black Market, and a blazer from BCBGMaxAzria.

This jacket is reversible.  The other side is fake fuchsia reptile.  It's wonderfully tacky. And crazy expensive.  I skipped it.

11.  I snacked on frozen yogurt and diet coke. It was a full-on girlie day.  I don't know what the male equivalent is.  Football and snacks? Rugby and raunchy songs?

10.  I've started looking at teaching positions again.

9.  I do love my job, a whole bunch. However, it pays less than a teacher's job in most states, and I was distressed to learn recently that due to a pay raise, my first raise, which could be as much as three whole percent, won't be available until December 2011.  Exqueeze me?

I honestly thought that if I hung in there, I could make a case for a raise sooner than that.  Rediculous.  I mean, I love that job, but there's lots of fun jobs that you love with crappy pay.
I have race entry fees, and trail shoes and cute running clothes to pay for.  In a rough economy, you have to make choices.  So, it's potentially back to teaching for now, which I'm good at, have enjoyed and, unbelievably, pays much more money.   No hard feelings against the children's hospital, just some advice: maybe the reason turnaround is so high is because they have the lowest pay in the city.

8.  Meanwhile, bureaucracy reared its ugly head.  I had to jump through so many hoops for HR that my application didn't make it to the principal who was hiring.  Remember: this is my old employer. They have my personnel file.  But they refused to forward it without 3 new letters of reference and something called a "transcript analysis" form.

I am now permanently bitter towards all HR people. They are evil.  They aren't just evil, they ARE evil, As in, you look up "evil" and it says "see Human Resources".

7.  I have mixed feelings about teaching again. There's no teenagers at home, so that's nice.  I'll be off early enough during the winter to run in the afternoon, while it's still daylight.  And summer, well, I'll just have to find SOMETHING to do...

6.  Sweet Baboo is doing the Duke City Marathon this weekend. I was all, oh!  So what am I doing--that half, right?

"I signed you up for the 5K"

"THE 5K??"

He laughed.  "You're sharpening now. Just run it at a high intensity."

"Seriously.  The 5K?"


I checked my training plan.  This is a 20 mile week.  20 miles?  How does one do a 20 mile week?   So my long run this week is...6 miles?  How bizarre.  And NEXT week is a 10 mile week.  Well...until Saturday, that is.

5.  I bought this dress.

4.  So I started off this Tuesday by doing my little hopshuffle just before dawn up the switchbacks behind my house and--GODDAMN IT--I turned my ankle.  OF COURSE I did.  Ow, Ow, Ow.  My mother should have named me 'Grace'.

 I limped home and immediately went to that dark place, where I imagine I gain lots of weight, lose my fitness, and generally become a loser in life.

From a sprained ankle, you ask.  Yes.

But then by the end of the day it had settled to a dull ache, and I could walk on it fine, and manipulate it with with my hand.  I had finished my 5-hour midterm, and life was fine.  I'm fickle that way.

3.  I liked this jacket (above).  It wasn't in my budget for this trip.  Maybe another time.  I bought the black jacket to the right.  

2.  SO, I have some new clothes.  It was fun.  But before I buy more, I have to go through the pile of stuff that's to go to the tailor.

1.  9 days.  And counting.  Eep.



  1. Cute clothes! Oh, and a word of warning. I'll be stalking, I mean looking forward to meeting you in nine (GULP) days.

  2. You look so good ! Wow. I love that first dress. Did you get that one ?

    Best of luck next week !

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I love the first dress too...hope you got it! (Where did you shop?_
    And number 10-
    I gotta say "I told you so!" ;-)

  4. Love all of it. Did you get cute shoes too? And where did you go shopping? Want most of what you modelled. Because you make them all look HAWT.

  5. Cute clothes!

    And I'm in the same boat as you. I should be named Grace for the irony!

  6. You look great!! I love the 1st dress too. Good luck next week!

  7. You are a skinny biach. ; ) xoxo You look amazing! Your pictures from Pajarito T. Fest from a year ago, show how much weight you've lost! Way to go! You inspire me so.

    I LOVE the dress in your first picture (you better have bought that!).

    I like outfits: 4 & 5

  8. You look great!

    I hope it's easier to get a teaching job where you are than it is here. I feel so sorry for all the student teachers in our building because finding a job is going to be no picnic.

    Hope your ankle continues to get better. I'm still limping from the two falls I took during the trail race last Sunday. Apparently there's grace to go around.

  9. Loved the fashion show. Gosh it's been too long since I bought anything not designed for sweating.

  10. Dahlink! You looked like a super model in everything we put you in. Well, except for that weird-ass bat wing grey sweater thing. NO ONE would look good in that.

    Run like the win on Saturday. Maybe I'll see you there. Only I'll be running NOT like the wind in the half.

  11. Obviously, I meant SUNDAY.


    I am too green with envy to comment.

    You look amazing. The Bitches of Fashion clearly have very good taste, and you certainly have the figure for it.

    Seriously, leaving now.

    One last thing, has the outfit for Javelina been chosen? Inquiring minds...

  13. If you didn't get that first dress...GO BACK IMMEDIATELY AND GET THAT DRESS!

  14. Looking good! I agree that the first dress is great, but you won't be forgettable in it! I think that one is more for dates with Baboo.:)

    I like Baboo's training strategy- have fun with your 5K!


  15. Ssssssssssssmokin'!
    Holy HAWT mamma.
    You look stunning.
    I predict traffic stopping when you go out walking in those new outfits.
    B E A U T F U L

  16. Holy Moly! Your little weight lost indicator just keeps going to the right ... 0.5 lbs to go! That's amazing! I keep shuffling back and forth 2 lbs - frustrating!

    I agree that Dress #1 is smashing! You must get if for dates with Sweet Baboo :)

    Have a great 5k race. Smoke that baby!

  17. I like the last dress the best. You look awesome.

    And I can become a loser just by belching at the wrong time. I can relate. (tho I turn my ankles so often I don't even notice it anymore)


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