Saturday, June 04, 2011

Thurs--er, Frid--er, I mean Saturday. Something. Okay: Saturday Something.

Dear Diary,

14.  BUSY.  I just simply ran out of day yesterday and again Friday, and didn't get this posted.  It's MYCHILDISDRIVINGME FUCKINGNUTSSOCANYOULOCKHIMUPPLEASE?  week at the children's place where I work, so everyone is showing up for their appointments meaning, of course, that I have to actually work.Maybe this will become permanent: Saturday Something.  Not to be confused with Saturday Somethin'Somethin', which is completely different, and not suitable for all audiences. 

13. GROWNUP: FAIL. I am here to tell you that my original thesis (Grown Children Should Not Live With Their Parents) holds true. In case you'd been wondering if you should do this some day, now you know. Yes, I threw myself on that sword for you. You're welcome.
For instance: several pieces of my beloved Fiesta Ware went missing.  missing.  How is this possible?  What on earth could have happened? We bought exactly four of everything for dishes when we bought this house, because it is designed for people to visit for short amounts of time.  On purpose.  So yes, I noticed when the pieces turned up missing.
UPDATE: The pieces were found, used, in a dresser drawer in the guest room.  WTF is that?
We'll go ahead and pretend these
sculpted arms and abs are mine.

12.  Keeping the girls at bay.  I am once again in the market for a bra, having lost enough back fat (you're welcome for that visual) to need a smaller band size.  No, I will not translate mysterious bra language for the males out there - ask your wives or sisters. Anyway, all the bras I have are too big in the band, so they slide around and chaffe the hell out of me.

I do have one fantastic bra made by Hanes and I've never been able to find another, of course.  OF COURSE.  

This month, I'm testing out this bra: The Moving Confort Juno bra.  I like that it has a T-back, so that I can terrify (riiiiiiiight) with my Mdot tat, and it comes in pretty colors.  If it works out, I'll get more pretty colors.  I also like that it could actually be worn as a top owing to the lack of plunging in the front.  I'll keep ya posted.

11. Two wheeled misery.  I am going to do - gasp - not one, but TWO sprint triathlons this summer.  Yes, that's right.  I am going to get on a BIKE.  One of them is in Fort Sumner, and the other one is in Socorro.  Since I rarely swim or bike any more, it should be interesting.  I actually got on a bike YESTERDAY and rode it a whole 9 miles.  Just to see how it felt.  Yep, I still hate it.  But I'm willing to do it to do a sprint triathlon, because those are fun. 

10.  iPad adjustment.  I still have no way to do blog posts without coding in HTML from my iPad.  It's not that I can't code in HTML, it's just that I'm lazy.  I was coding in HTML back in 1995.  So, I've gotten into the habit of jotting things down in the Notepad throughout the week on iPad, and then posting that at the end of the week.  However, if I want pictures, I have to go to a computer.

9.  Crappy weather.  It can't decide if it's super muggy here or dusty and windy, or both.  Bleh. Mornings are fantastic, cold and crisp, and then from out of nowhere, the afternoons are moist and hazy. 

8.  HimselfSweet Baboo is going to be gone during July.  Army stuff.  :-(   Starting in July, I'll be training for the Duke City Marathon in October.  I've never done it before.

7. I'm still lazy.  I was trying to explain to a coworker about the concept of I. Am Lazy.  but she didn't get it.  "you run marathons," she said.
It means you are more efficient with your time and how you spend your energy.
You have to understand, it's all relative.  Most of my friends are like Jack Russel Terriers - leaping all over and twitching their fast twitch muscles and  


NO?  OH, C'MON!  it'll be FUN!

 and I"m all mmmmmNah.  There's a "Bones" marathon on TV.  and that roasted red-pepper hummus isn't going to eat itself, you know.  

and there's always this one (my favorite) BUT...BUT...IT WILL BE AT AN EASY PACE!

Yeah, right.  I'm not falling for that again.  Every single time something, anything, was an easy pace, well, let's just not go there.  Let's just say that "easy pace" is, like laziness, all relative.

You have to understand, many of my friends win races.  Win them.  Not like me, who wins because all the people in my age group stayed home that day, or the real serious runners didn't show up, but because they are faster than shit. So, there you go.

I hasten to say: I love them.  I love all my friends; they are awesome.  And, I know they love me.  Even though, I.  Am Lazy.

The upside to having super fast friends, of course, is that nobody ever feels intimidated by me.



6.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Something strange has happened this spring: Suddenly one day my asthma got better.  I say one day because I ran out of Advaire and remember, I. Am Lazy. So I kept putting it off day after day, getting the refill, and, well, nothing happened.  If anything, I breathed a bit better.
I'm not saying it's gone, but suddenly much better than it used to be, even given the time of year.  Yes, my chest was a bit tight when the thick smoke from ARIZONA blew over here yesterday (thanks for that, by the way, Arizona) but I wasn't up all night wheezing.

I'm not sure what to think of this, except that I quit smoking in 1995 after being told that a small amount (I think it was 10%) of my airway was blocked by scar tissue and I'd have emphasema if I didn't quit.  I've heard that it takes several years for your lungs to recover from smoking; I smoked for about 15 years, I quite 15 years ago, who knows.  All I know is that it's much better than it used to be. I tried googling for this, and couldn't find anything about it anywhere. 

5.  de-Hoarding.  I have to post this, it was sent to me by a blog reader that I think it's fantastic: Zen Mind: How to Declutter

4.  MYSTERY.  Facebook told me they had to remove something because it violated their terms and I didn't have any right to post it but I don't know what the hell they're talking about because everything seems to be in place.  whatEVER.

3.  Sweet Baboo never actually swooned over the new iPad as I did when I first saw one, but he sat closer and closer to me, asking questions, until inevitably he went and got one newer, with a faster processor, more storage, and a camera.

So now we are a two-pad household.  And I have iPad2 envy.

If I haven't mentioned this before, well, I'm the unofficial tecchie in the household.  I set up the wireless router and such.  I fix computer crashes and problems.  Even more importantly, I know when I'm out of my element so I can cook dinner for the youngling who comes over and wrote code into the router to make it do what I want.  
So, now, Sweet Baboo has an iPad, and I'm once again in the position of responding to frustration while he learns it.  It won't take long.  It's just that he hates technology and doesn't play with it to see what he can make it do, like I do.
Did I also explain that I break into hives when I hear exclamations that indicate there are problems with the computer?  Yep.  But it's all good.  He puts up with my messiness, disorganization, emotional lability, and general scattered-ness, and I fix computers, thermostats, electrical things, and automatic sprinklers.  It's all gooooood.

2. NO BITTERNESS HERE.  Lest I come off as bitter or angry (regarding #13) it behooves me to make the following, very serious point, which I believe is congruent with most of how I live my life: I would have rather taken my daughter in and found out that it didn't work and wasn't a good idea, then to have not taken her in and always wondered if I should.  I live my life that way.  A very wise man taught me that you have open your heart to live and be happy, but you have to be willing to risk the bad things that might happen and be willing to accept them, too.
(It's altogether possibly that the very wise man was telling me this to get me to go out with him.  It doesn't matter.)

The POINT here is that, there are few things that can't be undone.  So, why not do them.

1.  HOT FLASHES.  This is stuff men will not, or should not, be interested in, unless they have a loved one with this problem.
When I was told two years ago by the pharmacists "no soy, not ever" with respect to my damaged thyroid, I stopped drinking my daily soy latte.  I didn't know it then, but that daily soy latte was what staved off the worst of menopause symptoms.  These come early in my family.
So. I started having hot flashes of the worst kind - I'd wake up sopping in the middle of the night, shoveling all the covers onto Sweet Baboo, who would protest mildly in his way. Then, four minutes later, I would be freezing and grab them all back again, and then some.  (Yes, I know he's a saint.)

Sometimes in the middle of the day, during a meeting, I would suddenly feel like I was bursting into flame.  I would feel little cold pinpricks of sweat on my legs and I would calmly excuse myself, to to the ladyies room, and then press myself up again the cool, tile wall....ahhhh.

Most of the estrogenetic over-the-counter stuff has soy in it.
Then, I found Estro-Care.  It's not cheap, but it's available at drugstores and online, and it has a pump, so I like to think it somewhat standardizes how much I get.  I use it about every other day.  (If you have periods, you have to use it 3 weeks on every day and then 1 week off, but I don't have those, thanks to our local minimally-invasive women's surgeon) so I just use it about every other day or so.  Voila: no more hot flashes.

But I do have oily skin.  So I'm weighing the pros and cons of having my makeup slide off every day vs. not having hot flashes.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.  I hope that it's useful for someone out there.



  1. I really like the Juno bra, especially the racer back. The other MC bra I bought has straps that are like a standard bra, but 30x wider. NOt cute with the racer back tops I wear.

    Along the lines of your #2, and in my case regarding a student's parent rather than one of my own children, I said a week or so ago that I'd rather be taken advantage of than not help someone who really needs the help.

    The I am lazy made me laugh. I do nowhere near as much as you, but I totally get that sentiment. A) I AM lazy. B) Yes, on the crazy friends who are doing all kinds of amazing stuff. I want to be one of them, but I also really like my sleep. So I settle for being amazing to my friends who don't run/ride/race and being the slacker among my friends who are super motivated. It works for me.

  2. Moving Comfort is da bomb. I fell so much in love with my sports bra that I had to buy a bunch more and wear them all the time! A bad bra can truly ruin the day or race. Good luck with your bra search.
    My hormone product of choice is Emerita bio-identical progesterone. Smear it on daily and you're good to go and, best of all, it livens things up in the hay with the husband. Peri-menopause can really suck in that department unfortunately. Add libido to the list of midlife things that start to sag...
    In the vein of letting go and decluttering, I found this post to be delightful:
    With admiration across the interwebs,

  3. The other Helen here. Love Moving Comfort. Just bought 3 pairs of their compression shorts for summer running as I was due - couldn't get the funk out of the others.

    Completely and totally understand the lazy thing.

    Bad thyroid here too so no soy. I use a prescription estrodial spray. It's the only way I feel sort of human.

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Love the Juno, but hate putting it on and taking it off.I'll have to get the DH to cut it off me after Ironman this year. I'm pretty sure I won't have the strength to pull it off. Glad you're getting relief from the sweats. I never get the hot part just the cold and wet but chinese herbs and accupuncture (which I consider witchcraft) seems to be helping me. I'm intrigued by the pump as well.

  5. Sounds like the daughter was embarrassed about the breakage (hence the hiding). Maybe this strategy worked when she was five! Still, you're there for her- much better than being a hard ass with your kid.

    Those sounds like serious hot flashes. Guess I got off easy. I'd feel like I was roasting, take off the jacket or shirt, and all better. No sweats, no waking up drenched. Just hot all the time (have to stick my feet out of the covers at night).

    Very cool about your asthma. Some people find that when they get their diet right, problems like asthma and arthritis and acne go away.

    Good luck with your training and races. Seems like you're steadily getting better.


  6. Have only read #1 so far and am already laughing out loud!! Is it possible to be jealous of someone because they are so funny?? :)

  7. Love the Juno but hate putting it on and taking it off. LOVE LOVE LOVE champion bras. Got 3 off Ebay and they are my go-to bras. But since I've lost weight I'm like a negative cup size after being a C all my life. Still need to get rid of back fat. Thanks to Helen for the link on the libido enhancing stuff - I've been drinking soy milk and finding it helps LOADS, but I'm 50 and not sure how much longer it will work.


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