Monday, September 05, 2011

Hell yes, I'll take your free stuff! Thursday 13

Dear Diary,

13. It became September this week, and finally on the 5th we had a nice, cool day. I'm so stoked waiting for chilly mornings to go out running in.

12. On Saturday, I ran 18.5 miles, the longest road mileage that I've run since, well, MAY. I could not believe how much my legs hurt. I thought for sure that was it for the weekend, and I was saying, what the hell happened to my base?

11. For my Saturday run, I started out on just a simple 5 mile out-and-back that runs north-south, but you can see where I turned east and ran up certain streets about a half mile up, and then back, adding a mile each time. This added some more hilly stuff to my run, so that the profile looks like this:

So yes, it was hilly, and ow, my legs hurt. Plus, it was getting crazy hot. Like, gross hot. Gross as in, UGH, I'm GROSS. Don't look at me. Where's the shower? I spend the rest of the day tired and grumpy about how slow this had been. (12:47 moving pace)

10. Then on Sunday, I ran the Dam To Dam 10K. There's a guy here in town who has 5k and 10k races about monthly, and the procedes go to a youth running program. It was a bit hilly, and the wind was blowing fast and hard in your face as you ran uphill. Yay. I had to walk the uphills. I forgot my Garmin, so I had no idea how I was doing, I just whined and hated the wind the whole way. My time was 1:07, which isn't my best, but it's certainly not my worst, considering the day before.

9. Sunday, being as it was the first Sunday of the month, I fired up the crockpots, and oven, and made seven meals. Each meals feeds us twice, so that's fourteen meals I won't have to cook. Into the freezer they went. I used the app for Weight Watchers to do this, but if you don't do WW, you could use the AllRecipes Pro app too. If you don't do apps, I think the All Recipes website does the same thing. Both of them you pick recipes, add them to your file, and then ask them to add the ingredients to your shopping list. So, I picked about nine recipes and did that. WW doesn't do as good a job as AllRecipes does, but I use it anyway because it tells me how many points everything is. But AllRecipes combines the ingrdients, and WW doesn't. So you get a list that looks like this:

  • Black pepper, ground, 2 tsp.
  • Ground black pepper, 1 tsp.
  • Black pepper, 2 tbs.
  • Ground black pepper, 2 tbs.
  • Salt, 1 tsp.
  • Salt, 2 tbs.

and so on. Whereas with AllRecipes Pro, you get this:

  • Ground black pepper, 5 tbs.
  • Salt, 1.3 tbs.

8. I got an email from someone from Sony asking me if I want to test and review one of their mp3 players. More on this as it develops. Remember my motto, Hell yes, I'll take your free stuff.. I also got a request to preview and review a movie called, " my run". i think that movies is something I coukd related to, just because he's a middle-aged guy who takes up long distance running.

7. Labor Day, we labored. As in, Sweet Baboo cleaned out the garage (poor thing, he fantasizes about a nice, neat garage but between me and the kids, it's stayed pretty un-clean.

6. And, thanks to lots of help from Sweet Baboo, we are one step closer to my goal for 2010, which was to turn #2 bedroom into an exercise room.


I'm all, take that, agoraphobia. Take THAT, crappy frigid winter days!

5. I know that there are a lot of mixed views on treadmill running, but the secret is to tip up the ramp just a little bit, which shortens your stride, and is easier on your shins. Also, ignore the "speed" showing on the display readout. It's meaningless. Just run as you feel.

I still remember fondly one winter where I went out into the garage and ran for 45 minutes to an hour while watching part of a chick flick several mornings in a row. I loved being able to the bathroom whenever I wanted. Memories!

Now I don't have to go into the garage.

The treadmill does fold up out of the way for a trainer, if I so desire (probably I won't.)

4. Monday I also put a bunch of stuff up for sale on Craig's list and Ebay, hydration belts, a weight bench, bike stand, and so on. Whatever doesn't sell I'm going to foist onto the grown children who live here in town.

DreadPirate and Me at Leadville 2011.
3. Thursday, I leave with Sweet Baboo to crew for him at Wasatch. He is doing the 100 miler out there. He showed me his profile of the race (OMG) and said, oh look, here's where you can pace me. The profile he showed me was horrifying enough without the added text ...small pebbles, much like running on ball bearings...baking, I told him, I will better serve you by crewing for you.

Besides. It's humiliating to have your ass kicked by someone who has already run 80 + miles.

2. Last night I went to a meeting of the planning for a new 50K in New Mexico: The Mount Taylor 50k, planned for October 2012. Coming soon.

1. I am going to be a pacer at the Duke City Marathon. I am going to do one of the slower pace groups. I was just complaining to Baboo last year that there are no pace groups for slower runnerrs, but I never realized that it was related to Boston Qualifying times. What about the folks that are just trying to beat the cutoff? I picked the 5:30 group, but I also told them that if they could't find someone for the 6 hour group, I'd do that too. That time is dear to my heart, as it was the first time I tried to beat at my first marathin in 2006. My time that day was 5;59:52. My PR for marathon is a 4:47 now, at sea level, on a cool cloudy day, on a flat course (wisconsin). Anyway, I am totally excited about this opportunity.

I am posting this from my ipad, on the road. Sorry for any formatting problems.


  1. Hope to see you at Duke City. I'm sure we will be running together as my pr (from there last year) was 5:51. I'm just hoping to beat it and help some new runners complete their first marathon. Have fun at Wasatch! Sounds crazy intense. Just up Baboo's alley. :)

  2. I laughed at your line about getting smoked by someone who's already run 80 miles. That would be the story of my life if my friends ran further.

  3. Have fun as a pacer, I'd love to do that someday. Also, good luck to the SB, I'll be "watching" him online.


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