Friday, September 30, 2011

Run far, or run big.

You see this sort of thing at packet pickups.
Dear Diary,

13.  I was very encouraged by the run I had in Denver last weekend.  I thought for sure that I was going to crash and burn, since I hadn't been doing very long runs for a while. I forgot to mention this in my race report, but that was the fastest I've ever done a 50K.  I PRd the distance by a bit over 30 minutes.

12. It's official-himself is in for the Boston Marathon! So vacation 2012 will be in Boston, in april. Woot!Of course, I will not be in the marathon. But, I get a vaca, and I don't even have to run 26 miles to do it.  And all because I sleep with a Boston qualifier.

11. I lost my wallet in Denver.  Damnit.  Now I have to take a day off to go get another driver's license and other credentials.  You know why this happened, don't you?  Because God is punishing me for being too lazy to wait at the DMV to renew my license plate.  Which I also haven't done.  Shit.

10.  SO between crewing for himself, and running 31 miles in the heat at Denver, and losing my wallet, I'm behind on a lot of stuff.  It's amazing the stuff you can't do without a driver's license.  Like, for instance, I have to go see kids that are in jail at times.  My work ID only has my first name on it, sothey ask to see my ID.  I tried telling the guard coyly, It's just Misty.  Well, he bought it.  Mostly because he's seen me there before.  But next time I won't be so lucky.

9.  Another thing I did right Sunday: I wore 100 SPF sunscreen for 7 hours straight.  Not a hint of sunburn or splotchiness.

8. Tonight Himself the Baboo and I ran just under 6 miles around the neighborhood.  So the story is this: when Sweet Baboo needs to keep himself from running too fast, he runs with me.  (When he reads this, he's going to protest and deny that's not what he meant, but it's okay.  I'm glad to have a purpose.)

7.  At the kiddie jail:
  • Me: So tell me where you think you should be.
  • Kid: At home.  I should be at home.  I was doing very well well there. 
  • Me:You're here for multiple probation violations, including cutting off your GPS device, burglary, and you recently overdosed and tested positive for opiates...all within the past four weeks.  Tell me how that's 'doing very well'?
  • Kid: You're going to think whatever you want to think.
  • Me: Is any of that information wrong?
  • Kid: No.
  • Me: So I 'm still not hearing how you're "doing well".  
  • Kid: You know what, you're all about the money.  That's all you care about--money.  That's the only reason you're here trying to put me in rehab.  

OH, YES. I'm all about THE MONEY.  That's why I work with children, which pays less in any field than working with adults.  I'm a greedy bitch, I am
But you know, I get a toaster for every kid I put in rehab.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

6.  I'm feeling kind of doughy lately. Maybe it's a good thing that my dry cleaner lost my size 6 skirt.  I don't know if it would fit right now.  Still, I am pissed about that skirt.  From now on, I check every ticket before I walk out when I drop stuff off.

Found this looking for toaster images.
How cool is this?  I might put
someone in rehab for this.
5.  But the doughiness.  May, or may not, have something to do with a dangerous new habit I have of making popcorn in butter.  That's right.  IN butter.  instead of oil.  Eep.

4. So, just as soon as I pitched the hissy fit about my lost wallet, (#11) and dug out my passport to go buy ANOTHER driver's license, what do you think happened?  I bent down at work to pick up a small bag from WalGreens taht was poking out from under my desk, and guess what was in it.  That's right.
Which means two things: Not only did I not LOSE my wallet in Denver, I didn't even TAKE my wallet there.  I could have sworn than I did...ah, well.  All's well that ends well.

3. I did get off my butt and run Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm sort of on track for this week, for a 50-mile week.  Sunday is one of my marathon cooking days, so I have to run a lot Saturday and Sunday morning.
2.  One week to MIL, and TWO weeks to Seattle!!!  WOOOT!

1.  It's very whooshy out today: 22 mph winds.  I hate running in this.  And something tells me it's not a wrap-skirt day.



  1. If I looked like that with my skirt up (and granny panties on), I'd wear a wrap skirt every windy there is. SERIOUSLY.

  2. You realize that you still need to renew your license plate, right?

    My license has been expired since April. At some point, hopefully before I get in trouble for that, I need to do something about it.

    Your kids in jail story made me laugh. 'Cause what's so funny as kids in jail, right? The reality is so skewed. During first year of teaching my last class was an 8th grade social studies class. One of the boys in that class told me one day, "You're just picking on me because I'm black!"

    It had been a long day, and I shot back, "Every kid in here is black. How did I pick YOU?"

    First grade is a much happier place for me.

  3. Congrats on the huge 50K PR. You did that in the heat and with cool off (and pee) stops in the stream crossings, amazing.

  4. A 30 min PR? Wow! And congrats to the Baboo - Boston woo hoo! 50 mile weeks - I would love to know the path you took to get there - over how much time, starting at what mileage, etc. (sorry if I've missed such discussions in past posts) I can ALMOST fathom 50 miles in a week. Almost - pain aside, that's a lot of time out of the week (and doing high miles before work, ugh..the exhaustion does cut down on my snappishness but makes walking to/from transit a bit more effort than I'd like :) I'm not THAT close to 50 miles, but I'm way closer than I used to be and running more weekly mileage than ever in the past (yay!) and always looking for tips and inspiration.

  5. Since you are getting so many marvelous toasters, I'll bet I know what you give as Christmas gifts.... good job you.


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