Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's all in the wrist.

Dear Diary,

16. After months of dragging my ass around the hills at negative miles per hour, I finally feel like I'm coming back. I had a great run this week, running up most of the hills. I did it without feeling like I was gonna hurl, and felt great at the end. Stinky, but great . I'm pretty stoked. Between this and my PR at the 50K a few weeks ago, Point Defiance 50K (in less than 2 weeks!) is looking pretty good.

15. However, I'm completely out of vacation days. In order to take the vacation time in Seattle next week, (YES! I'll be posting my blog from SEATTLE!) I will be working two saturdays this month. I'm really fortunate to have a job where they let me do that.  But that six-day week, well, maybe I'm just older than I used to be.  By the time Sunday (today) rolled around, I was all, nope, don't feel like running.  I feel like sleeping in (7 am, to those just tuning in) and relaxing.

14. I can't remember the last time Baboo and I had to vacation and mosy. I'm totally stoked. Me and my boots and hat will be on a plane Wednesday morning, with a layover in Love Field.
Me and a fellow therapist
who was working just as
hard as I was that day.
(Photobooth app)

13. My oldest kiddo, aka "Sweetface", turned 27 this week. (Holy shit, I am OLD.)

12. Hey, what the hell is up with Lean Cuisine. Why aren't there any vegetables in their lunches? It's not like they're incredibly expensive. I'm sticking with Healthy Choice, I think. More fiber, fewer refined carbs.

11. Weight, by the way, is holding steady at 152. Ish.  It was starting to creep up, but then it came back down when I started running. 

10.  After some experimenting, I am using the WatchR app. It's free, and although it doesn't have a food base, it automatically deducts activity points and weekly points. Cool.  I also use the GoMealsHD, which uses the Calorie King database.  And, I still use AllRecipes pro, which I <3.

9. Thursday, Sweet Baboo wrote me an email me, telling me that they are having some budget cutbacks at the VA, and so they are taking the Blackberries from some of the program heads.  Sweet Baboo is, unfortunately, one of them, and so we need to go get him a phone.
So we went to the Verizon store, where we found out that all this time (like, 5 years) if we had put it in his name, we'd have been getting a 15% discount, because he's a federal employee.  So that's what we did.

I took this picture Saturday morning, when I realized there
was snow on the mountain.
8.  We also got Android X2 phones.  These are like the coolest thing ever.  Sweet Baboo picked them out because Consumer Reports like them best, and, well, they are pretty damned awesome.  I have been playing with mine and it does a lot of things better than my iPad, like uploading pictures.  The camera is great. I suck, suck, suck at taking pictures but this makes it so much easier.  I can time/place stamp a picture I've just taken and then share it using a built-in facebook app OR THE BLOGGER APP!  WOOT!.

7. Best of all, there is a built-in navigator and when I have music playing through my car stereo (through the phone) it fades the music to give me another direction, then brings the music back up.  So, right in the middle of Lady Gaga, it's all ...'CAUSE I WAS BORN THIS...TURN LEFT AT MONTGOMERY BOULEVARD...
It's a deaf agorophobic's dream toy, I tell you.

I did not take this picture. Wish I had.  It was taken Saturday morning
of the Balloon Fiesta (yesterday)
6.  Unfortunately, since Sweet Baboo doesn't enjoy playing with things to see how they work, and I am the family nerd. So when I worked Saturday, since three of my appointments never showed up, I spent the time playing with and learning how to use my phone.  Then, teaching Sweet Baboo how to use it.

5.  It also pulled in and integrated all my contacts through facebook, LinkedIn, and Google contacts. And allowed me to combine them.  COOOL.

4.  Sweet Baboo just took off for his run. I did not.  I will make him a fried-egg sandwich.Meanwhile, there is new technology to play with.  It is windy, cold, and damp out.  Noooo thank you. Not quite ready for that yet.

3.  SO of course, I've been changing my Ringtones every other hour.  For instance, yesterday, my ring tone was "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode.  But, I underestimated how much Sweet Baboo hates that song.  Not just hates it, HHAAATTTTEEEEESSSSSSS it.  So I'll be changing it.  I am not a sadist.  I won't force him to listen to a song he hates.  Not when there are so many other annoying songs to choose from.

2. Now, with respect to #16, I also have had these days where I just don't want to do anything.  I've been running at least every other day, so that's good, but I really need to get my shit together, and start running 5 days a week.

2.  I volunteered to pace the 5:30 group at the Duke City Marathon in two weeks.  I think the idea of pace groups is that they are usually groups for the Boston qualifying times, but what if you just want your own personal best?  It suddenly occurs to me, oh, my, God. I am going to be possibly leading people to make a certain time.  That's like, responsibility and shit.  Am I ready for this?

That is all. 



  1. Oh there is nothing like a Droid and a geeky girl, is there? We recently made the change to Droids and my sweetie HATES the Jetson's car alert that my phone plays when I get a text, lol! Have you tried Zedge for ringtones and such? I loves me some Zedge!

  2. My husband just got a Droid after years of a phone that is one step up from those Firefly phones they marketed for little kids (who, of course, could figure out a smart phone waaaaay before their parents). He can barely make a phone call, but he can give everyone Halloween ringtones and make your picture look like a zombie, so he's happy.

    Yea that the running's going well. Have a great time in Seattle!!

  3. You will like the Point Defiance run. I did the 30+K version last year (it's all repeats of a ~17K loop). I think it's relatively easy compared to what you've done. There are some curiosities...a downhill near the end of each loop that requires a rope to! It's also pretty easy to take a wrong turn on the course and get a little lost and run extra...but maybe I'm just dumb. :) Good luck and I hope you have nice Washington weather!

  4. I'll have to check out that phone, my Droid HTC is due to be replaced at Christmastime. Love the Droid I have now for everything except receiving and making phone calls. Really hoping that glitch is resolved for the latest models.

    Have fun in Seattle -- my old stomping grounds!!


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