Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stupid things.

Dear Diary,

So, I've apparently gained 10 lb. of weight? Plllttt. This is bad. This is very, very bad. This time last year, I was at 146 lb.. Now I'm at 156. Luckily, I never did completely finish getting my clothes tailored. They were somewhat loose, so they fit fine now.

I blame weight watchers, and their stupid new points plus program. I was doing well, and they changed it.
Stupid weight watchers.

(of course, I have slacked off my training seriously since early summer, but yes, let's blame weight watchers.)

I need to get moving. Since I can't do any log distance running for several weeks, I'm looking at the p90 exercise system. I may be modifying it as my ankle heals. I'm also planning to do some walking on the treadmill to see what I can do and how long I can do it.

Those are not, by the way, my hairy legs.
Why am I having these thoughts today? Because lots of people I know are running the Duke City Marathon now. RIGHT now. And me, I'm sitting here with my stupid ankle, I thought I might be able to pull it off and maybe do the half, but as soon as I thought that, the swelling went away. Turns out the swelling was keeping it from hurting. It also hid most of the bruising. My foot is bruised, on top, near the front, and my leg, all around, well above my ankle.  I can walk on it, but I can't touch it, it's tender.

Well, yesterday Sweet Baboo and some other guardsmen discovered a small, blind, female neonate. She's calico and at most four weeks old. I'm not sure how this scenario will turn out. She's completely blind, and I have a dog that thinks that everything small and furry is a chew toy.  She was in bad shape, barely moving when they found her, and refusing all food.  After wrestling with a tiny bottle (seriously, I put huge holes in this tiny nipple, but nothing will come out) I contacted DP, who is one cat away from being a genuine cat lady, who advised us.

Sweet Baboo started dipping his finger into kitty formula (yes, there is such a thing, available at the pet store) and smearing it on her muzzle.  She licked it off, and then eventually she started licking it off his finger.  When I came home, we got her to transition to lapping it from a small jar lid or a spoon.  Now she's climbing out of every box I try to put her in.

I carry her around the house in a favorite scarf that I have fashioned into a sling. She's very sweet.

My ankle is still stupid. And I still feel fat.

Stupid ankle. Stupid Weight Watchers.

Nice kitty.


  1. 10 lbs, stupid stuff, a small blind kitten and an ankle in revolt; this sounds like the beginning of a bad fiction novel. Start taking notes now, Misty because the industry loves making bad fiction into blockbuster movies. You could become rich!

  2. LAUGH and nodding at Shelly.
    She's got the right attitude huh?



  3. Yes, but would it be a drama, or a zany comedy? Either way the deep announcers voice in the previews would come in "Misty never knew how good she had it...but she's about to meet a tiny furry person who will rermind her..." cut to adorable snips of the kitten walking into things and pouncing on air.

  4. Have you got that ankle checked out? Last time i had bruising like you described, ligaments were ripped off bones in my ankle. And it didn't seem to hurt from normal walking (if the foot was kept at certain angles). the kitten came along just in time to distract you!

  5. That kitten is adorable. We just lost one and I've been way too sad to even think about another one, but those pictures are starting to change that. Not that I'm volunteering to drive to NM and try to catnap yours...we'd have the same dog problem.

    I feel your pain on missing out on the race. Yesterday was the first RnR St. Louis, and I think 98% of my running friends were there. I didn't have the large entry fee to put up and was fine with that...until yesterday morning. My trail run was a small consolation, anyway.

    Good luck with the ankle! I hope it heals quickly.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    You are NOT fat.

    Hope you heal fast and get back on track with racing.

    And I hope you are keeping the kitty. You wear her well. (And she is lucky to have you guys take such good care of her.) Wonder how she was blinded? wait...don't want to know. Hope she was at least born that way. Poor baby. (that's for both of you!) xo

  7. I kept expecting you to pass me in a blazing speed at the Duke City since I knew you were doing the marathon and I was doing the 1/2. I am so sorry you are laid up with a bum ankle. Grrr. BTW, I am fairly confident that your butt is not huge.


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