Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feeling Seattle

14. Yesterday, the Sweet Baboo and I went for a run in the woods cougar mountain. We went aboout 6.5 miles, it was a nice run. Pictures to come; Baboo took pictures in the woods, and they're on the camera. Anyway. There were huge slugs. They were cool.

13. First, we went to Pike Place market. We had coffee at the original starbucks and then I had a smoked salmon peroshki (sp?). We walked and gawked. Everyone was pretty friendly. The one exceptiion was a weaver who was terse and said, "clearly, you don't know what you're looking for' ?? Uh, I'll telll you this, I won't buy from you.

12. Talk about coincidences: Sweet Baboo's dad, who lives in Alaska, was in Seattle for a conference. We met him for dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory.

11. I think I'm starting to get carsick as I get older.

10. The run was great. The forests here are so old, and the canopies so high. We were almost entirely in shade.

9. At the Cheesecake factory, I had a shrimp and bacon club sandwich. I shit you not, this may very well be the best sandwich I have had in my lfe. I couldn't eat it all. I hate one half, and also half of my desert. I ate the other half of the sandwich at 3 am the next morning, and it was a bit soggy, and it was still fantastic.

8. It was, by the way, a red velvet cheese cake. And a cosmopolitan.

7. Today, we drove pretty much all around the Olympic peninsula, and stopped in the Hoh rain forest. It was weird and gorgeous. You would think that a wet marshy forest would smell moldy, but it smelled great, kind of sweet almost. After being in the desert for 10 years, this was quite a change. It was cold, and moist, and it was great.

6. Baboo ran a 10k in the Hoh rain forest. I hiked about 3-4 miles, and took a lot of pictures. Which I can't seem to upload to Blogger. damnit.

5. Tomorrow, I will run a 50K around Puget sound. My goal is 7 hours. My fantasy goal is 6:30.

4. Tonight, I had bisque. It reminded me of a Seinfeld episode. Honk if you can tell me which.

3. Speaking of which, at work last week, this line was in a kid's medical record: "The patient is allergic to grases, some molds, etc.,"

uh, excuse me? oh, you did not just yada yada someone's medical history!

2. I downloaded another Al Frankin book for our drive.

1. I took a shot of espresso for the first time yesterday. I was going to be all cool and sophisticated. What I was was kind of sick to my stomach and jittery for the next hour. I'm just not cool enough to do espresso shots, I guess.


  1. yadda yadda...i mentioned the bisque

  2. :) love that episode. Good luck on 50k.

  3. Good luck in your race! Blogger isn't showing me your pictures. Grr.

  4. ok Im not laughing AT YOU but WITH YOU.
    same thing happened to this misfit when she 'did' an espresso shot!



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