Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I'm Pissed at Weight Watchers

...and what I'm doing about it.

Dear Diary,

I'm thinking of dumping weight watchers. It used to work so well for me; I stuck to the plan, and the pounds fell off. But then their patent expired on their Points calculation, so like a greedy pharmaceutical company they had to screw with it and make it 'new'. Now they have Points Plus, and neither the Sweet Baboo nor I have lost a pound since. WTF?

WHY did they have to screw with a good thing? Oh, wait, I know. Because the new Points Plus is essentially a patent extender. You don't even have the option of going back to the old system, even if you're a paying customer. and some of it doesn't make sense; according to WW fruit has NO CALORIES now, which is just crazy. Fruit is full of sugar! Yes, it's better to have fruit than a sweet roll, but for someone with a high intensity level, a calories IS just a calorie, and I was already good at making sure we had plenty of fiber.

I am thinking of just Sticking it out on my own, by collecting everything I can on the old Flex Points system.

1. So far, I have bought some of the older WW Cookbooks, used, at Amazon.

2. A journal and points calculating spreadsheet here: (but see number 4, below.)

3. An online calculator of how many points you're allowed.

4. I paid .99 for an app called Bites Tracker that lets me track things offline, using either Bites Classic or Bites Plus (bites meaning points here).

They're such asshats. But they have underestimated me. Not only am I Lazy, I am Cheap. Is this likely to be a lot of work? Probably, at first. But I figure it"s worth it. Once I've loaded all our favorite 'older' weight watchers recipes into AllRecipes Pro, then it will be easier.


  1. I have heard this a lot. I like the idea of WW, but I broke up with them years ago for this reason.

  2. did the cat drink the beer immediately prior to announcing the lack of points. Bad Cat!!!

    I am so sorry they had to mess with the points. But I know you will figure it out. It is a shame they "improve" things because so often these are in face demotions...

  3. You always make me laugh out loud, hence I only read your blog after five. Thank you.

  4. we use "my fitness pal" app & website. it's just as good, or better than WW.

  5. Yes I agree 100% about WW- I now use the My Fitness Pal app too and I love it! Another good app is iWatchr for the ol' WW style tracker.


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