Friday, August 03, 2012

A Sweaty, Steamy Thursday 13.

Dear Diary,

I don't mind blogging on my iPad, but it's hard to put in pictures.

13. Mama said there'd be days like this. She talked about how awesome menopause was, and how happy she was to be rid of "all that".

12. But she never said that menopause would make me so shiny. And damp.

11. She never told me about the tiny fan I'd park next to my keyboard. Or that I would become quite good at unobtrusively switching it on while talking to someone in my office. And then sixty seconds later, switching it off again.

10. Mom didn't tell me that I'd be waking up four or five times every night, shoveling sheets and covers onto poor Sweet Baboo, only to rip them back off him again 60 seconds later.

9. And the insane cravings for bread and cheese. Is that part of it? I don't know. But there it is. And it's keeping me from making race weight. If' it's not related to menopause, shhhhhh. Don't tell my ass that. Thing is, I bought a breadmaker. Ooo. This is bad. Very, very bad. I made rosemary bread, using rosemary that grows in my garden. And then put cheese on it. Brie, Colby, whatever. As long as its cheese. I wouldn’t look for that little weight indicator at the tope of my page to change soon.

8. She didn't live long enough to tell me I would be googling estrogen, progesterone, etc.

7. Due to the constant sweating and wiping of my forehead and brow, I have the skin I had as a teenager.

6. Sweet Baboo said it's all part of the mystery and joy of being a woman. Right before I considered throwing a shoe at him (I didn't). My sense of humor waxes and wanes these days. For the most part, I've settled into all this, but the sweating and panting makes it hard to do it with grace.

5. I was once worried about estrogen as a performance reducer. Not any more. I don’t think there’s much that can make me any slower.

4. The doc gave me two prescriptions for hormones: estrogen and progesterone. My cost for those prescriptions: about $8. $8 for one month. Do you KNOW how much I've been spending on Black Cohosh, Progestacare Plus (over-the-counter progesterone and estrogen cream) and Maca Root? I'll give you a hint: It's not $8. It's about 5x that much.

3. Day 2 of the hormones, and my hot flashes are coming once an hour instead of several times per hour. I slept better last night. It’s cheaper, it works-- Bah. Give me Western Medicine. Keep the hippie alternative thearpies.

2. This Sunday is the La Luz trail run. I’ve done this one before. My time last year was about 3:59 or so, I think. I’d like to beat that this year.

1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pay another visit to Javelina Jundred this year. I’m planning to see if I can beat my blistering 18+ time for the 100K from 2010.





  1. Seriously, only $8 for the hormones? I've been putting off going to the doctor as we don't have health insurance. I've been having terrible trouble with hot flashes, night sweats etc for a year or so and nothing seems to work. Tried all the over the counter stuff and I agree it costs a lot and did nothing for me. Did you get a blood test before your doctor prescribed the hormones? And are the hormones in cream or pill form that you're on?

  2. I know prescribed hormones are controversial but I believe the problems arise when you stay on them forever. I took them for a couple years and it was the best decision I ever made! No regrets at all.

    JnetRuns, my hormones were bioidentical. The progesterone was a pill that was taken orally at night and the estradiol was a spray. Right after I showered each morning I would spray my arm. My doctor did not required blood tests as he said they weren't very reliable since perimenopause is caused by fluctuating hormones! He based his decision on the patient's age/stage in life and treatment of symptoms.

    1. Helen, thank you for the info. I am officially post-menopausal (no periods for over a year now, yay!) but definitely still having "mood swings" and feel I really need prescribed hormones to get me over this.

  3. Yeah menopause is a bit*h!!! I went and they put me on birth control and zing!!!! my appetite was a monster and 5 pounds later, I said Heck NO!!! I am dealing with the hot flashes by drinking a gallon of water a day, taking Hyland's Calms (so I don't go postal at work, or on my husband!!) ... but I think I am past the worst of it, the doctor told me if you go a year without your period, you are through the worst of it, I am 6 months!! phew....

    If I can choose, I want to be a pampered Pug in my next life :P

    good luck

  4. I wish I was able to talk to my mom about her perimenopause and menopause experiences so I would have some idea what to expect, but I guess it's different for everyone. And having been on bcp for a really long time now probably has some effect - though when the mood swings break through the "evenness" that's part of why I take them, it's a reminder of how much the body/chemicals affect our "control". I'm figuring hormones also have something to do w/ my early morning waking (or middle of night can't get back to sleep waking) and the cystic acne showing up on my chin (seriously??). I highly recommend Sheex for the night sweats. Given fam history of breast cancer I don't know I'd consider supplemental estro/progest - tho my doc just tested both DHEA and testosterone, found them low, and has offered to supplement either to help w/ energy and fatigue level, running effort/recovery. (thought I might be anemic, but nope) Thinking maybe DHEA tho there are some risks there - believe DHEA gets converted into estro. (anybody got any experience w/ DHEA?)

  5. yeah - I ended up on loestrin fe - after trying the natural remedies. It sure was nice being able to sleep all night without being all clammy. No food cravings or mood swings - just good old fashioned "hot flashes".


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