Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 3: like a racehorse.

Dear Diary,

"Let's do this another day," he said. Then he went for a about a six mile run, hilly trail run at a 9:30 pace, and it felt good. We went to the store and bought more celery, which we seem to go through pretty fast, a dn kale, berries, and other stuff. I was looking for a nice herbal tea. It's hard to find herbal teas without mint in them; what's up with that?

So it's the beginning day three. Yesterday, Baboo came home and said he felt good, energy problems, not really hungry, but....but, "i feel deprived." I know what he means. I've been thinking of popcorn al day. Wth truffle oil on it. Mmmmmm.

I feel Good. not great, but good. I met DP and SW Tri Gal at Einsteins yesteday, where the were giving out free bagels. Thanks for that. I had tea, and gave my bagel away. On the way home I pulled into the parking lot of the AA Super Buffet. Nobody would ever know, I said to myself. Then I sighed and drove back out of the parking lot and went home. I watched a whole bunch of documentaries on netflix while I cleaned. I love those little documentaries. I can feel the liberal hippie in me rising when I watch them. I'm all, oo, I'm gonna join a coop! I wanna raise chickens! I'm gonna march in a parade! Then I remember I can barely put together and maintain a training plan, and I get real.

Today, I started peeing. And peeing. And peeing. It's nearly clear, probably because I drink a glass of water between every two glasses of juice. I"m well-hydrated.

Then again, I'm a skeptic. I'm one of the people that don't seem to be affected by the Placebo effect, which of course to new-agers means that I canceled out product/process X by my lack of positivity. I'm one of the most positive people I know, so bite me. Of course, one of the secrets of my positivity is that I dump all my negative thoughts here, so don't be fooled.

So, Baboo and I broke the three day fast tonight. He said he was feeling a bit weak in his ruuning and for us, that’s a deal breaker. He lost about four pounds and I lost three. I got him turned into green tea for fasting days. I told him that for the break-fast I wanted protein, and lots of it. So, we went to the County Line and I had a steak and vegetable skewer. We talked about moving forward.

Baboo and I decided that based on our all reading we would follow a 5:2 fasting program. Fast two days, then eat normally five days, rinse, repeat. There's some research to support this method of intermittant fasting and being reasonable and beneficial. So, we're going to give it a shot. Fasting days will be Monday and Tuesday.

Of course, tomorrow is Monday. So another two days starts.




    and know GREAT is on its way.


  2. I believe in intermittent fasting as well, but I prefer the daily kind. You know, eating only during a 6-hour window every day. Fasting until noon and then eating a meal and another one around 6 pm.
    Good luck!!

  3. I'm confused, I thought you were a I'm going to go read some backlogged posts.

    You should get Baboo to do Whole30 (from Whole9 website) - I just finished one. The first two weeks were hard, but then everything came together. My running hasn't been this good in years. You just have to get passed that initial carb flu...

  4. Lol. I started eating meat agin in 2010. It was too hard to maintain veganism and ultrarunning, and for mu sanity and health, ultrarunning won out. Now I'm trying to make up for it in other ways. I harvest rainwater and ripped out all my grass, and eat more organic, locally raised stuff.

  5. I'm curious to know how the regular 2-day fasts are going! Seems so very hard core to me - the chick who loves her chai latte and gluten-free muffin every day! :(


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