Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ideas for the cycle figurehead.

So far, I've been doing online research for my ideas for the figurehead that I mentioned previously. I've collected two Rosie O'Donnel dolls, made in the Barbie tradition but without her heroin-chic freako body. To the left, you can see a picture of her unclothed in comparison to regular Barbies. Much more reasonably proportioned. In looking up stuff, I found that there is a whole cult of people who do 1:6 figure artistry. I'm not planning anything that elaborate, but here are some possibilities:

1. GEEKGRL: A short-haired, heavier-set woman wearing a cycling helmet, swim goggles, holding a pencil aloft as if a torch. Wearing T-shirt and shorts & running shoes. There is already a "Geek" action figure on the market, but alas, it is a man. (See left)

2. ATHENA: Same figure, but wearing a roman helmet like the ones I've seen on sculpture of Athena, holding a sword, or something else magestic-like. Robes and junk. (see right) In honor of what is certain to be my permant status in the Athena division. (Not that I'm unhappy about this. I actually feel kind of big and powerful next to the tiny bird people. )

I was able to swim 75 meters without stopping today. Pretty astounding for the goddess of the couch. I did it six times. Now quick, without using your fingers, how many meters is that? :-)


  1. Maybe just Barbie's head.

    I'd be interested to know what training plan/schedule you are using.

  2. I'm using the couch-to-5k running plan from coolrunning.com, and the swimming plan that's in "The Woman Triathlete". I bike whenever I can. In the last 3 weeks or so, I'll start incorporating brick workouts.


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