Monday, August 01, 2005

More new toys.

I have a new cyclometer AND a new saddle. Whee! I went out yesterday to test both. The cyclometer gives mph, cadence, trip total, trip time, current time, and temperature. Very tri-geeky. Very cool.

Today I go back to work to help with registration. I wonder if anyone will notice anything different. I lost a tiny bit of weight this summer, but I'm in better shape and chopped 8 inches off my hair. At week's end I move into my new classroom. I'll be teaching Science. I'm pretty excited about it. Not as excited as if I were a school counselor, but pretty excited, nonetheless. I'll have one of those big science classrooms with cabinets and sinks. Science is my love. I am the GEEKGRL, after all. I have a Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences, with a minor in bio, chem, and physics. My leisure time is spent working-out, rock-collecting, and studying vegan nutrition. Until I get a job in counseling, teaching science will be quite satisfing! I also happen to like teens and pre-teens. Sure, they're irascible and moody, but they're never boring.

I've been studying a list of vegetarian restaurants in DC for the trip in a few weeks. There is a dazzling array of restaurants that offer vegan dishes. Some have "mock meats" which aren't being offered yet this far inland. Such trends tend to show up on the coasts first, then move inland. Slowly. Husband and I went over the list and decided that our fantasy was just to get a vegan pizza and scarf it down. (Is that the right way spell 'scarf' when used in a gluttonous context?)

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