Monday, January 14, 2008

All I really want is some cheap sunglasses.

I'm going today to get contacts. Or to be more precise, contact. I've been waiting 30 years for this, so that I can get some cheap sunglasses. TO say that I'm excited about this is a vast understatement.

I've been wearing glasses for 30 years. And, for 30 years I've gazed enviously on all the normal people or people with contacts wearing fabulous sunglasses. Sunglasses with MIRRORED lenses, in particular, have been on my drool list, because, I don't know, maybe because I watched CHiPs too much as I kid, I don't know. But you really can't easily or cheaply get corrective lenses with a mirrored finish.

I am about sunglasses like some women are about shoes. You know who you are. Just imagine, shoe ladies, if you had to do with the same servicable pair of shoes day after day, week after week. That's what my life as a nearsighted person has been like. Here in New Mexico they are ubiquitous. Even the cheap ones are polarized, which is good because I'm all about getting myself lots of cheap sunglasses. I've been obsessed for 30 years with something I could never have. I've looked at envy at other people's cool sunglasses and wished I could have cool sunglasses, and convinced myself that it's okay, my 2 pairs of indoor glasses and 2 pairs of sunglasses are fine. They're just FINE. No, REALLY.

I tried contacts once, in 2004. I wasn't taught how to put them in or take care of them and wound up pitching screaming hissy fits, screaming out MO%HERFU@#ER when the the little corrective blob of goo folded up and got stuck under my eyelid, fell on the floor, or whatever. They were so frustrating that I wouldn't take them out when I finally did get them in, causing more problems.

My new eye doctor swears that this time, it will be different. This time, he promises, they will be kind, and teach me how to use them. This time. And, like the sucker I am, I believe. I more than believe; I'm apopletic with excitement. Bwahahahaha!

I believe because I want to wear cheap sunglasses. I want to choose them as part of my outfit for the day, or just depending on my mood. Mirrored aviator sunglasses. Tiny Diane Keaton granny sunglasses. Big square Lindsey and Britney sunglasses. Pink, blue, red, purple, black, gold, silver. Zebra cateye sunglasses with rhinestones. (Did I say MIRRORED?)

So today, at 3:00 MST, I'm going to get contacts. Or as I said earlier, contact. I'm getting a "monovision" prescription in which they correct my dominant eye for distance and leave my other eye alone so that I can read. Otherwise, I can't read with my nearsighted prescription in, so I can't see my Garmin or my watch.

I already got my first pair of non-prescription sunglasses at REI.

They weren't cheap, but they were easy. (Ha.)

They are pale, pearlescent pink, with brownish-pink lenses.

And, they are MIRRORED.



  1. I'd love to be listed in your athena blogroll but I'm unable to access your email from my work computer (I'm also a teacher!). I'm at


  2. Congratulations on this big move. I know you will enjoy your sexy, fun sunglasses - while you are walking around, running or driving.

    However, when you are on a long bike ride you will want a pair of panoptx which have gaskets to keep the dirt from getting in your eyes and under those contacts.

    Otherwise you might start hating them again.


  3. I didn't do that quite right. You need the 'velocity' type with the gaskets. They have some cute ones!

  4. Erik Estrada was hot. Not so much anymore though.
    Enjoy those sunglasses, and get yourself some new shoes too to match them!

  5. Monovision made me insane. It always seemed like one of my contacts was dirty. Never could get used to it.

    I have bifocal contacts that work awesomely well for me.

    How are they working for you? BTW, I find it easiest to put them on by placing them on a white part of my eyeball, then quickly sliding them into place. It's a work-around for that little aversion that my pupils have to being touched directly.

  6. Monovision does take some getting used to. I've had monovision for 15 years now and absolutely love it!!! But you will need good sunglasses for the bike. Nothing worse than having your contact dry out and become really annoying on a long bike ride. Shopping for cheap sunglasses is so fun :)

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  8. I probably won't wear my contact during races. I do have some very nice sport prescription sunglasses and like to use those.

  9. oooh they sound yummy! Photo please?

  10. Good luck with your contact and your new cute sunglasses collection.

  11. Congrats and good luck! I am a shoe person, so I can see where you're coming from. I hope the contact works out for you--if it's any consolation, I wore them for almost 15 years before I finally got lasik, so you really CAN get used to them. Totally possible

    Lasik absolutely ROCKS, by the way, in case you ever decide to go that route. Talk about simple! :)

  12.'d it go?? I've worn contacts for 10 years now, and I LOVE them!! I suppose I should just get laser correction, but, hey...whatever...

  13. I still only have the one pair of glasses. I really need to get some sun glasses. Yes I live under a great hole in the ozone and fry my cornea's in the meantime.

  14. - frameless - 4.99 each.

  15. i'm going monovision too. but it takes too contacts for me and so far my right eye isn't cooperating. grrrrr


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