Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow day! Woo hoo!

We had precipitation here in the desert last night, and it was frozen and stuff. Predictably, city officials flapped their hands a bit and after ascertaining that this was not the apocalypse they put school on a 2-hour delay.

So I headed into work early. Hmm. I know we're on a two hour delay, but where is everyone? I came in and sat down at my desk this morning in my nice, warm classroom. I would take advantage of the two-hour delay to get caught up on paperwork. A bit later, a janitor popped his head in my room, "Jeez, you guys are dedicated!" and then popped back out. Later, I went to get some water--still nobody around--and one of the maintenance crew said, "You know there's no school today, right?"

Uh, No, I did not know that.

Now that the streets are rapidly melting I head down to CompUSA to find out if there's a warranty on my dead laptop. Turns out that, indeed, in a rare moment of lucidity I purchased some sort of monster warranty that expires in 2011. Swweeeeeet.

Then Pirate called. Hey! Got your spin kit?

I, uh, what? Yes. No. I mean, it's at home.

Go home and get it--there's a spin class at noon!

Darn. Me without my list of excuses.

I. Love. Snow days. Especially when the snow melts before 11 am.



  1. oh. you suck. :) rub it in will ya? we never get snow days. even when we get 2 feet of snow and 50mph wind! our district administrators don't seem to believe in them! yesterday was the WORST i've seen it here in E Idaho in a LONG time... and no day off! Every highway/interstate within 100 miles was closed... but by god school was still in session!

  2. Smitty, I know what you mean. I can hardly believe it myself. When my kids were little in South Dakota they would put on snow boots and slog their way to school with 2 feet of white stuff on the ground. It was only canceled if the tractors couldn't get through.

  3. Sweet. a day off & a great workout. Does it get any better than that?

  4. Sweet. a day off & a great workout. Does it get any better than that?

  5. Yeah! I had a two hour delay. Working on the UNM campus has it's benefits!!


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