Monday, January 14, 2008

Comcrapper. Craputer. Technology really can suck.

It draws you in with its siren song of how it will simplify and beautify your life. Much like the sociopathic boyfriend or girlfriend or first spouse you had, you trust it. Completely. turn over all your data to it.

Then it falters, sputters, and dies.

$HIT, I muttered yesterday morning. "This is really going slow. It can't get any worse."
and god said, "HA!" and he smote me with, I suspect, a failing hard drive. or something. He cursed me with the curse that we get when we're dumb enough to say, outside a TV sitcom, This can't get any worse. Yeah. I think it's in genesis or something.
"And he smote them with i/o errors at every turn and yea, they were humbled."

The "recover manager" has been moving at a glacial speed of 1% per 5 minutes. I basically got it started, went to bed, and woke up occasionally to stare, bleary-eyed, at the screen, and then punch another button. Now it says it as 36 minutes to go, but here's the kicker, every 5 minutes or so, that number goes UP.

I have much to share. About the run that wasn't yesterday. And about my cheap sunglasses, that I've waited 30 years for.

All this will have to wait. Whine, weedle, sniff.



  1. Hey GG, Ghost that drive before it really freaks out. Give me a call if you need a program to make a duplicate of your hard drive.

  2. Back your system up!!! I did a post on this. Get iDrive for 2GB of free, daily backup or get a big external hard drive or pay for more on-line storage. Just make the data safe!


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