Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back online, Finally.

I finally got a new hard-drive for the computer, installed and most of the software is installed...except I don't have the key for my Office 2007. I'm going to try calling Microsoft on Monday. Now I get to try to catch up on the thousand blog posts I've missed.

I've got about 2 weeks left until the Black Warrior 50K. Today I ran 23 miles, my last long run. I hope it takes. I get a twinge in my right knee when I run. It doesn't slow me down or anything, and it stops hurting within an hour of when I stop running. It just basically says, Hi, I'm your right knee. Don't forget that I'm here. Maybe it's arthritis. It's been exactly the same for the past 2 years, without getting worse. Knock on wood. My run felt especially slow and heavy today. I think the taper will make all the difference.

This week I attended my first Pilates class, because I'm having, um, some issues with the ultra running. As in, I feel like my uterus is about to fall out. What is it with my lady parts anyway? Why do they hate my new active lifestyle so much; why do they try to thrwart my attempts to be sleek and healthy? Sigh. So, I went to my doctor, but it was during the holidays and so I met with his new physician's assistant to get a referal to the lady doctor. Not because the doctor is a lady (she is) but because she takes care of lady parts.

So what seems to be the problem?

Well, uh, I'm training for a marathon. I do these long runs, and recently I've started feeling some pressure


Yeah. Like, uh, I feel like my parts are going to fall out.

Blink. Blink. Your parts?

Yes. I feel like my uterus is about to fall out.

Oh., well. I think we can get you a referral...

So, I've got an appointment to talk to a lady doctor about such things. Meanwhile, Pirate ordered me to go to Pilates class which she swears will strengthen my pelvic mucles, (I haven't mentioned this, but for diet and exercise purposes in 2008 she is the boss of me.) So on thursday, I went to my first class, and I have to say, I love it. I just love it. For one thing, I'm forced to sit down and focus my thoughts inward, and sit still for AN HOUR. For someone who's been officially diagnosed as, OMG YOU'RE SO FU@#ING HYPER! and that, more than once, to sit still and just be. It's very nice. And Pirate is right, I definitely feel the work on the lower abs and pelvic floor. I think it will help my running, and all the other stuff, too. Maybe my uterus will stay right where it is.

Other lady stuff: This Wednesday I'm going to go get my first mamogram. I've been putting it off for 3 years. I was kind of freaked out when I saw a video of one being done. However, since I've started endurance sports things scare me less. I mean, if I can leap into the Ohio river at the crack of dawn and push through for 17 hours then having my chesticals squashed between two glass plates for a few minutes shouldn't be a big deal, right? Besides, It's time. I mean, I haven't any family history of breast cancer, but you never know. Time to grow up and stop being such a weenie.

After that Sweet Baboo and I are getting the some fitness testing done. We're going to have our bodyfat percentage determined by being dunked in water on a scale, or something like that, and something called a "Wingate" test and I don't know if that's how it's spelled, and some other stuff that I forget about just right now. I'll write about it.

All right. Time to start reading blogs...


  1. Ouch! Well, I am a firm (ha, get it, firm!) believer in Pilates. If you have a good instructor, you are set! Enjoy.

  2. I don't think it's possible for a uterus to fall out....but if you find out info to the contrary, please let us know. I'd like to be a little bit lighter. ;-)

  3. I don't really think it's about to fall out; that's just the best description for how it feels.

  4. OMG -- I LOVE this panties. Where can I get them?!?! Hope the pilates do the trick. I tried them and hate them.

  5. Glad to see you back online.

    I agree with Pirate that the pilates can do you well. Before taking pilates a couple of years ago I was having cramping issues with my pelvis while biking. The classes strengthened me in that area and I've been trouble free ever since.

    Stay tuned...

  6. Misty! I guess I haven't been paying attention. I didn't realize you're doing the 50K also. Wow! Pilates will help your pelvic floor AND the 50K, ANd everything else in life. Really.
    Enjoy your taper.
    p.s. Yes, a uterus can fall out. It's called a prolapsed uterus. You can find lots of info online.

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  8. OOOH Pilates.... I so love it. Makes me feel lean and strong.

    Good luck with the lady parts doctor (love the uterus undies) and have fun at the boob smusher. never had one myself but due next year for the first one.

  9. um, have you ever put "prolapsed uterus" into a search engine and SEEN the ugly pictures that come up? Thanks for that. Now I need to find a fondue fork to gouge my eyes out...

  10. Welcome back and good luck with your lady parts appointment. Hope everything feels back in place soon.

    Take care.

  11. This blog reminds me of all the times where I take the advice of "tell your doctor" and so I do - to which the doctor stares at me like what are you telling me for? Then I end up feeling weird.

  12. The chesticle thing is nothing - except the part where a woman you've never met before manipulates your boobs.

    Oh never's fine. No problem and tons of peace of mind.

    ps - I had my first one at the age of 52

  13. I am laughing so hard, I can barely type. OK, so I didn't look at the pictures. Sorry about that! I had the same "pressure" feeling in 2004, but it was due to something else.
    BTW, I know an absolutely excellent lady surgeon here. Raised here, trained east coast, then returned here to bring her cutting edge skills (no pun intended) to our state. Email me if you want/need the info. We can trade stories and I can tell you why I think/know she is so great.

  14. It's really not that bad. Uncomfortable, but not painful (if it starts to hurt, tell the tech and she'll fix it). My biggest complaint was that everything was so freaking cold - the room, the equipment - brrr. Bring a sweater for afterwards.

  15. I had my first mamo this year and it was quite an experience. WOW did they squish the girls! I'm a D-DD and still in my early 30s, so they apparently needed to squish quite a bit to get a good image. (I had my first early because of really dangerous incidences of early diagnosis on my dad's side.) Ouch! But it's over much quicker than the pain of an ironman, so you'll do fine. And honestly, it was the quickest medical test I've ever had done! In and out in under 15 minutes! Good luck with the lady parts...all of em!

  16. Hey GG, Nice running into you on Sunday (haha). You are looking great! That ultra training must agree with you! No comments on the lady parts but but glad to hear your computer is backup and running :)

  17. Hope all checks out ok on the mammogram. Both my granmothers had it one died of it and the other lived a long life. I will touch base later and email you my blog I started. YOU are going to ROCK THIS SEASON

  18. Oh this is just too funny. Over at Runner's World there's a discussion on the stupidest things non-runners say to runners. One woman said her mom (or perhaps grandmother) told her -- with complete seriousness -- that she should stop running because her uterus would fall out!!!

    So for the sake of all women runners, I hope your situation improves soon :)

  19. Pilates is awesome! I've been doing it for a month and a half and I've noticed a huge difference!! It really works and is a great compliment to running!!! You'll be hooked!!

    Southbay Girl/Planet Ynnep Running

  20. the uterus CAN or CANNOT fall out??? and if it does fall out can/should you put it back? ;-)

  21. Yes, it can.
    You kind of want to stop it before it does, so you don't have to put it back in....

    If it does fall out (and then you make it go away) , it's really not a good way to lose weight. The loss is negligible....

  22. I love your illustration :-)


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