Sunday, February 10, 2008

I need a haircut. More kvetching about work.

Haiku in honor of my hairdresser:

Goddess of scizzors

Oh, take away my dark roots!

Make me blond again.

I don't know what our anniversary is, mine and Tammy's. I only know that I've been with her almost as long as I've been with Sweet Baboo. The trials and troubles of AndraSue have made me appreciate her all the more.

Today I ditched a mandatory training at work for a test that, as it turns out, we aren't going to give. I chose to spend my time instead calling parents of kids who have Fs, making photocopies, writing a test, and planning lessons. They were all like, "THIS TRAINING IS MANDATORY" and in capital letters in several "friendly reminder" emails, and then told me afterward that it didn't matter that I wasn't there; it wasn't that important anyway since we aren't giving the test.
I don't know if I should spread that little joy fact around to the other teachers or not. Could have some entertainment value watching the fall-out. Nearly all the other teachers gave up their prep period to go to a training that wasn't even necessary.

Meanwhile: I've turned in my credentialis to another school district to see if they'll have me. I have to try another district before I leave teaching for good.

Here's my day: 30 teenagers every day who have already failed Algebra once, and are forced by law and their parents to take it AGAIN, NOW. No, NOW. It's a lot like, well, I don't know what it's like, but you get the idea.

I try to be moderately entertaining and get my point across but then admin comes up with training that we don't really need and threats that it is MANDATORY and I start to feel like I'm not a very good teacher because I don't use CPS clickers every single day: Friendly Reminder!

For instance, they like to take advantage of my training in counseling to send me kids that just got expelled from other schools, or released from jail, but three years in a row they've turned down my request to get "Crisis Intervention and De-escalation Training" that is offered to other staff members on in-service days.

So, last inservice day, instead of learning how to handle the kid that is decompensating because I asked him to move to a different seat, I went instead to "learn" how to use PowerPoint and Excel and, as you would imagine someone called GeekGirl would, I have taught other people how to use them for instructional purposes at two major universities. I also attended mandatory 'Smart-Board' training.

That will sure come in handy when that kid is freaking out and all the social workers and counselors are gone for the day to their mandatory trainings.

I also spoke today to the clinical director of a community mental health agency where I used to work part-time. Last fall I was feeling pretty burned out and decided to clear my plate of all non-work stuff to figure out what to do with my life, and took a leave of absence from the counseling center even though, whenever I've worked there, I felt smart and efficacious. I feel like I've done something important, instead of overworked, abused, and down-trodden. The director tends to wax a bit toward mushy, but it was nice to hear things today like, "you're a part of this place " and, "you know you always have a place here." He thinks I'm a good therapist.
>Sigh< If only I could work there full time AND pay my student loans. (Community mental health pays less than a veteran teacher's salary) Ever have that dillema? Oh, I guess we all have. Few of us get to do what we love AND pay the bills. I hope to be one of those some day soon!



  1. I feel you! I hope to find something to do that I can love and pay the bills. I once had a friend from Japan tell me that he found it strange that we expect to like our jobs. He thought work was work, you're not supposed to like it. I hope he's wrong, and that I can find something that makes me happy or at least happier than teaching! :) I think I can, and I think you can too. Look at all you have already done! Good luck

  2. You'll get there becuase you have a plan (and you know I love me a plan)
    I'm about halfway through my 10 year career-change plan (it was 6 years until Noddie came along) so I'll be 105 before I qualify but I WILL get there. And so will you.


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