Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh, and about that mammogram...

Okay, well, the whole mammogram thing was not NEARLY the scary event I had made it out to be. First of all, it didn't hurt.

It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment here and there, but to be honest, I'd rather have a mammogram than get my teeth cleaned again. Particularly since my dental hygenist is a swarthy Russian woman who apologizes somewhat insincerely as she stabs and tears at my gums with metal picks. And then suggests vodka when the dentist comments that his wife goes gets tense and spends too much money I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. But anyway.

The mammogram took all of 20 minutes and involved, yes, having the chesticals compressed between a plate that was coated with fiberglass and so not cold at all. They took about 8 views.

The mammogram person said it isn't unusual for first-timers to get called back for a second look because they're trying to establish a baseline and sometimes there are cysts and such that create little spots, so not to freak out of I get a call.
Added on 2-9: I just got the lab results back, and they are normal.



  1. Okay, I am calling bullshit on this not hurting. I had one a few years ago because they found a lump in my breast. It felt like someone had parked an icy car on my breast. Then they couldn't get a good picture because of my "young dense breast tissue." So they smashed it again. The third time I told that lady to smash it good b/c it was the last chance she was getting....

    But, I am glad that you had a better experience

  2. I give them the death stare when they tell me not to move (trust me, I'm not going ANYWHERE while you have my breast smashed in this thing).

  3. Well, the clue here MR might be the "young, dense" breast tissue. I'm FAR AND AWAY beyond having, "Young, dense" breast tissue. I guess at this point I have old, loosely consolidated tissue. Or something like that.

  4. i got the "call back" this past year and freaked out. Turned out to be nothing after an ultrasound. even though they tell you a large percentage of people have to have futher testing,it is still very nerve wracking when it is you!


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