Friday, February 15, 2008

Shhhhhh. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. Baboo is very, very sick and I have put him to bed with cough syrup, valerian, and assorted other remedies. In a moment, I will turn on his favorite travel buddy in the whole world: an electronic noise-maker. He likes the channel that sounds like crickets. I'm crossing my fingers that he feels better tomorrow for this thing.

Currenly, I'm in Moulton, Alabama ready to run the Black Warrior 50K tomorrow morning. Here is what I've laid ou out, based on my training and the prediction of "misty" conditions in the morning with low in the mid/upper 30s and a high in the low/mid 50s (F):
  • Race ready long-course shorts, worn over brooks' running tights.
  • Brooks' Adrenylin 4 trail running shoes with REI gaiters attached
  • (what else?) insanely sexy Injinji crew-length socks.
  • Brooks vapor-dry hoodie with built-in mitties and media pocket.
  • LS wicking T-shirt
  • Moving comfort Maia bra.
  • Garmin heart-strap and wrist computer.
  • Ear-warmer head band, with built in headphones.
Race food: 12 Excel gels, Succeed to be provided on the course which I'll be carrying in two hand-held Nathan Quick-draw bottles. Pink.

The morning pre-race meat will be 3-4 servings of quaker "oatmeal to go" squares, for a total of about 1000 calories, and some gatorade to wash it down with.

Tonight's meal: A pizza. Medium. Veggie-lovers, from Pizza hut, and some leftover Valentine's candy from Kmart. (Hey, I'll be burning between 3500 and 4000 calories during tomorrow's 31-mile trek through the Black Warrior Forrest. Just LEt it GO.)

More tomorrow, friends. Time to don the breathe-right strip and my own special pre-race dose of benedryl and valarian and zonk out. Toodles!



  1. Have a great run GGtI!
    Get well SB

  2. Have a great race! Look forward to the race report. Hope Baboo recovers quickly.

  3. get some tomorrow!

  4. Have a GREAT run tomorrow!

  5. Yeah, have a great race! Has SB gotten any of the mojo everyone's been sending? I'm sure if you need some, just help yourself. "Whaddya got there, GG?" "Um... two water bottles, a gel flask and some mojo."

  6. Best of luck tomorrow! You'll rock it!!!

  7. I can't wait to read your race report. This is something that I am considering doing.

  8. Good Luck and rock the course.

    Can;t wait to read the report.

  9. Have a great day.

    Fingers crossed for SB!!

  10. You're probably running right now. Beaming strength and speed your way (what little I have to share!).

  11. I'll be thinking of you all day - I hope it's an amazing experience!

  12. Sending strong vibes your way right now!

  13. Good luck with the race tomorrow!

  14. Thinking of you today! I hope your race is going well!!

  15. Funny, I was just commenting to Mr. T about cheap day-after-valentine-day candy.

    Hope you all had a good race.


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