Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Adventure Begins.

I'm sitting here on my bed multitasking: writing this, eating a chocolate Quaker rice cake, drinking a [small] margarita, and packing for this weekend's marathon. This will be my 7th marathon in my quest to eventually do one in every state, and the 6th I've done in the past ten months.

Okay, today isn't really margarita day - I didn't even know that existed until I found this picture; apprently it's February 22nd. But today is margarita day for me.

The thing is, today was my last full day as a teacher. It's just two 1/2 days of final exams and then I return to the life that I put aside.

I had my first child at 19. Then in 1991 (with #3 on the way) I looked over a small pool of careers I knew I'd enjoy and be good at, and chose the one that seemed the most responsible given my three children. I don't hate kids, or schools. It's just that I've spent the last 25 years taking care of children - mine and other people's, and now I'm ready to do something else.

So yesterday, I had my final annual review as a teacher, where I was pronounced "awesome" and my evaluator hugged me and said that if I changed my mind about leaving, to let her know. I feel good about leaving teaching after nearly 9 years without burning any bridges.

At the same time, change is scary, for me. I'm verrrrry nervous. I know the ins and outs of my school and most of the people in there. I'll be going to a newish place with newish people and newish policies, both written, unwritten, spoken and unspoken, where I don't have a reputation as a veteran anything. Yikes!

But anyway, the marathon. The weather forecast for Ogden: Mid 50s (F) at race start, and highs in the lower 80s by the afternoon.

Here's the course profile:
Without a lot of uphill climbing, I won't heat up as much as I usually do. I'll wear a long-sleeve meshy-wicking shirt to wear at race start, over which I'll wear over my meshy wicking Marathon Maniacs singlet. If I get warm, I'll take off the shirt underneath. As this is a well-supported course, I'll not be carring much other than a waist pack with my inhaler in it. My trusty New Balance 768s and my moving comfot Fitness Shorts complete the ensem.

But of course, it goes without saying that I'll have the insanely sexy toe socks in attendance.

My goal: beat my Mississippi and Las Vegas times (about 5:45) We'll see. My next post will be after the marathon, so cross your fingers for me, and will the clouds to cover the Utah sun.



  1. Here's to new adventures!

    ..... an all downhill marathon?? you lucky girl.

  2. I'm starting a new job and new career track after twelve years, so I can totally relate to what you're feeling right now. Change is scary, even when it's good.

    Good luck at your marathon, and remember to have fun!

  3. SIX MARATHONS IN TEN MONTHS??? Girl, you are freakin' AWESOME!!!

    You are amazing to be out there for so long and to keep doing them. You are absolutely my new hero.

    Good luck in your new career pursuits, must be a scary time for you, but good for you for knowing that it is time to do something new...

    Good luck this weekend, I'll be awating your race report.

  4. Best of luck! Will put in my plea with the weather gods for you (but am not sure how much pull I have with them as I am leaving right now to spend a day chaperoning already squirrelly third graders on an all-day, outdoor field trip to a river nature center and it's POURING rain.) Enjoy your race. (And do you have the summer "off" or do you start your new path right away?)

  5. Enjoy your last day of school and trip to Utah!! You deserve that Margarita after the year you have had..

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  7. Have a great run Misty, I know you will do awesome!

  8. Best of luck in the marathon and your new career!
    (I am betting you come back to the classroom again in your lifetime...)

  9. I am SO excited for you!! I know it's scary, but it's an exhilarating kind of excitement. I am jealous that your summer starts a full FOUR WEEKS before mine, but I am so happy for you.

    Good luck on your marathon. You're going to kick ass and take names. I'll be joining you in the Maniacs soon. I have CDA marathon next weekend, Duluth two weeks after that, then I think possibly Seafair on my 24th wedding anniversary.

  10. What a huge day! Scary but thrilling - and the start of a whole new adventure!
    The elevation chart looks very good - have a great run

  11. Holy Sh*t! Are you trying to finish all 50 states this year?!

    That profile looks like Napa Valley Marathon. It was a great course and hopefully yours be as good and help you get a PR. Rock on!

  12. Making the switch from any career to another is challenging, but to go from teaching to a "regular type" job is especially so (I did it many years ago). That said, nothing is harder than a Triathlon, and you've already done that, so this will be a breeze.

    Good luck this weekend (today).


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