Friday, May 09, 2008

Misc. teacher stuff.

Today was the last day of National Teacher Appreciation week.

Last year, and every year before that, members of the Student Association went around with a little cart and offered us coffee and/or orange juice and/or a pastry. They showed up at our door and made a production of pouring us some coffee, and asking if we wanted creme or sugar or lo-cal sweetener, and announced to the class that it was National Teacher Appreciaton Week.

This year was a bit jarring, and a reminder of the current budget crisis: we got an email notifying us that there were four or five dozen plain glazed donuts in boxes in the activities office; if you want one: come get it, first come, first served (there are over 100 teachers at our school.)
Then, we got another email telling us how much we were appreciated, and that in honor of this week, we could wear denim on Friday.

I was all excited when I got up today. , because when it comes right down to it, all I really ask for what I do is a place to park, a padded chair, and the occasional chance to wear jeans.

Then Sweet Baboo put the kaibosh on my morning jeans dance by asking me, don't you have an interview today?

Crap. Well, of course, he was right. I did have an interview today, for a school counselor position in my district, possibly working with elementary-aged children. I went in search of one of my feel-good outfits (you know the one, it's comfortable and whenever you wear it people tell you how fabulous you look?)

My feel good outfit is one of several 2-piece jacket-dress sets that we teachers are famous for, from Pennys, which Pirate loves to mock. (Some day, I will be chic. Today is not that day. I work with kids. )

But anyway. I put on the teacher-dress, and it was then that I realized, lo and behold, it's far, far too big.

I took a spool of thread and a needle to work with me and I had to move the buttons on my little jacket over three inches.

Not quite as dramatic as punching holes in a new belt, but I'll take it!

As far as the interview, I alternate between feeling like things went well and thinking, oh, crap, I should have said...

So, it was a structured interview. I sat behind a table, facing about 7 committee members behind a different table who where all wearing teacher jacket-dresses (go me!) and took turns asking me nine pre-scripted questions designed to reveal the most capable candidate.

My favorite scripted question, after I told them I'd been a schoolteacher for nearly nine years was: What, if any, classroom experience have you had?

I felt like the interview went well.

All the people interviewing me seemed perfectly professional and reasonable and pleasant, and I would enjoy working with and for any and all of them.

I'm not just saying that on the off-chance that one of them happens to read my blog.

Really, I'm not.



  1. I think someone needs to find a new fabulous feel good outfit that doesn't require moving buttons! I say that's totally an excuse to go shopping!

  2. Oh, I dunno - moving buttons three inches felt pretty good! :-))

  3. I agree, hopefully you can go shopping to celebrate your new job! Teacher appreciation is a whole week here, I baked, I sent flowers, I mean really I leave my kids in their capable hands 5 days a week it is the least I can do!

  4. I mock because I know: you deserve waaaay better than penneys separates.


  5. Good luck with the interview outcome-- I hope they make you a nice offer! I just got a new job myself, with no trouble at all. This means I've got lots of spare "hire me" karma lying around, so I'll box it up and send it straight out! :-)

  6. I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

    You deserve a shopping spree!

  7. At my school we got a similar email letting us know there were snacks--but when I got there (during the first lunch at 10:30 a.m., mind you) there were only the remains of a leftover cake from someone's retirement the week prior and several bags of chips and pretzels. hmmmm.
    Oh, since you are a toe sock lover too--wanted to share I got some of the 'toe shoes'--the Vibram Five finger--loving them. :) Peace, Dusty

  8. Anonymous8:55 AM

    How awesome having to move those buttons!!

    The "classroom experience" question made me laugh. They must have had a list they were going by, but ya think they would've been listening??

    Good luck!


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