Saturday, May 31, 2008

More progress.

I went to Cochiti yesterday with Cindy. I cut a couple slits in the neck of my wetsuit, and took some advice: I stood in the 58 degree water and let the water fill my wetsuit, and then waited for the water to warm up inside the wetsuit, and then stuck my face in the water and blew, to get over the shock of the cold. And then, I was fine. Holy cow, that wetsuit is snug, but I can move in it. Baboo asked if I needed a larger-sized wetsuit, but I told him what I really need is a smaller-sized me.

I'm planning to try to go out there twice next week and do the full swim each. I feel what I can only describe as about 1000% better about the swim at CDA.

I did my long run today using the Galloway method, which I've been practicing on my intervals. I had read an article a while back that suggested that based on my current ability, I should run 1 minute/walk 1 minute. I never did this because I figured, I already walk 5/run 5, so what's the difference? Well, the difference is that I can run much faster for 1 minutes intervals that I can for 5, with means that the proportion of time that I spend running will have a lower overall pace. Also, I'm finding that my pace on my running intervals is coming down.

My average pace for 15.3 miles was --tada-- 12:46 per mile.

BOOya!! I have NEVER gone under 13 at that distance before!

This is what the Galloway method looks like on a Garmin readout:

I figure at least part of it is the interval training, and the other part is the ten pounds of jiggle I've lost.

With regard to my feelings about Ironman CDA in THREE WEEKS there is a continuum from "feelings of impending failure" and "very optimistic." I have now moved past "freaked out" and and more toward the "Cautiously optimistic" about finishing comfortably before midnight.



  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    My wetsuit is a lot tighter than rubbed a "love bite" on the back of my neck! I'm thinking about cutting some slits in the neck, too.

    That's an awesome long run pace! Congrats!! I think it's a combination of your getting lighter and the consistency of your training.

    I have a feeling you will really enjoy this Ironman :)

  2. Great trainin days for you! hey I didn't hardly recognize you on the trail today-you are getting so skinny!!
    Let's go do IMCDA!!

  3. Cutting your wetsuit is pretty radical. Remember Rocky's famous words, "Cut me Mick!"

    You will definitely be ready for CDA. I hope I am as ready as you.

  4. Cautious optimism, in my opinion, is a very, very good place to be!

  5. I would think that one minute would seem supershort and mess up any rythym (but it obviouslt works for you!)

  6. I've been trying the 4:1 run 4, walk 1. I just don't know if I can maintain that over the marathon. I'm thinking that if need be, I'll keep adjusting as I go.

    I like the idea of the 1:1....I just don't think I'm disciplined enough for it.

  7. Great pace on the run and huge gain on the swim. Sounds like you are ready to taper.

  8. I am strongly considering training for my next race with the Galloway method.

    I know that you will rock CDA!

  9. Good luck if you're going today (6/1) and good luck in 3 weeks. You've come a long way and your times are tumbling down.

  10. You sound like you have a much stronger base this time around. You can do it!!

    p.s. I was out of town this week, didn't get your message about Cochiti until I got back today.

  11. Congrats on that great pace!! I just started WW (again) and I would be thrilled to lose 10 pounds! Great job!

  12. where did you put the neck slits? My wetsuit feels very constricting in the neck too - adds to that panicky feeling!


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