Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ways to feel good again.

Okay, so I have some rotten students. But then I hear about the really, really, really good kids that I know are out there and then I feel better.
Have you heard about this girl who was carried around the bases by the opposing team after hitting a home run?
Be prepared to seriously sniffle:

I mean, am I like the last person in the world to know about Quaker Chocolate Rice Cakes? They're 60 calories, about 1.2 WeightWatcher points each. I've already had four of them.

Okay. Maybe that's defeating the purpose of low-cal food to eat half the bag of it, but I needed some feel-good stuff.
Two more days of teaching left.



  1. Yeah there are good kids out there.
    We thought we had two of them in our room today to help with the special ed/autism kids.
    Turned out they were ditching tho...
    But yeah, I see cute/nice/good kids daily.
    And some not so cute....!
    (Another year almost OVERRRRRR! Whoop!)
    Congrats for getting through it!

  2. That is such a good story - it's too easy to see the bad kids, they blot out the others

  3. Chocalate rice cakes!!! They were just added to my grocery list.

  4. Fe lady: At least they were helping out instead of hiding under a stairwell getting high!
    LBTEPA: I think it's because the good ones are where they are supposed to be, at a friends house, or at practice, instead of wilding at the mall.

  5. There are LOTS of good kids out there. You just got a bunch who are so full of their own "issues" that they take it out on anyone and everyone in their destruction area. You get the "after shocks" of their garbage.

    I've been sick this week and my boys (BOYS!!) have been so sweet and attentive and patient with me. (I have bronchitis and pulled a muscle in my abs coughing. I had surgery there in December so the muscles are still really weak and prone to strain. SO painful!) I have good kids. I wish I could send my good kids to you for your last three days so you could see what teaching can and SHOULD be like. They aren't perfect...by any means. But they are fun, eager to learn (if not so much eager to turn in work), and nice kids. And nope, I don't teach in a fancy schmancy uppity school. It's just a Skills Center with kids from 42 different schools and lots of different situations.

  6. *sniffle* It's really touching that a story like that makes everyone cry. I'm not sure I understand why but it's nice. Thanks for posting that.

  7. You probably already know this, but you've touched alot of students who don't let you know. I really remember my 7th grade English teacher. She taught us Midsummer's Night dream and it was so cool! I probably became an English major because of her. I really should try to find her and let her know.

    In 10 or 20 years, some of those rotten students might look back and be grateful that you kicked their asses. You never know how much you influence kids after the fact (of course, they would never let you know that year - that would be sooo uncool)

  8. I saw that story after after it happened, it is a great story!

    Only two day left - you will make it!


  9. I like the butter popcorn flavored rice cakes. :)

    Tick tick tick...you're almost done with school. Soon we can swim at Cochiti?

  10. Anonymous9:29 AM

    That story made me all sappy...there are good people out there!

    I must try the chocolate rice cake, I'm thinking with a heap of peanut butter on it :b

  11. Thank you so much for that story link!! I read it on just the right day and shared it with my favorite middle school math teacher. I think it gave her the boost she needed to get through this week with her kids.
    (Oh and I'm partial to the cheddar mini-quakes, myself!)

  12. have you tried the chocolate AND peanut butter ones. THOSE are the best ;-)


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