Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So, dear, how was your day?

  1. The "failure to show" rate at the counseling center goes up after holiday weekends. Most of everyone's scheduled clients didn't show up today. We don't get paid when that happens. Tomorrow, we'll be making calls and checking the inmate list at the county jail.

  2. Yet, for some reason, there were no offices available today. None. I sat in the group room to do charting and write treatment plans.

  3. Then, for some reason, while I was conducting therapy, there was someone outside the window playing a flute. Loudly. I never knew a flute could be that intrusive.

  4. The city program that provides the majority of our funding just ran out of money during their first fiscal quarter of the year. This means that many providers won't get paid, but worse, many clients won't get the services they were promised by the city.

  5. I just made an appointment for my youngest child's senior portraits. Damn, I'm old.

  6. Still no word on the new position I interviewed for. I'll talk more about it if I get hired and about how very cool it is. If I don't, then I'll write a lot about how much it would have sucked anyway, or how NOBODY will ever be as good for them as I would have been >sob<.
  1. I My day started with weight-lifting, a 1-mile shuffle, and 90 minutes of yoga. My legs feel pretty awesome now.

  2. I made several people smile today without meaning to.

  3. I got my first check for my percentage of reimbursements. my first official payment as a Licensened Mental Health Counselor. I should have taken a photocopy of it but I was all wrapped up in getting it to the bank as soon as possible.

  4. I would like to announce that DreadPirate is like, the best friend evar. Not only does she send me to places to buy girlie clothes on sale, but she totally talks me down when I'm in the middle of a freakout. She doesn't feed into my neurosis, either. Just totally talks me down.

  5. Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes should be out. Any day now.

  6. I got a pedicure today to reward my feet for carrying me 26.2 miles. I was also celebrating the fact that I now have all my toenails at once.

  7. I think, I mean I just thought I could feel a hint of fall in the air today. I TOTALLY LOVE FALL. Fall is gorgeous cool afternoon runs, crisp mornings, and FLANNEL SHEETS.

  8. Hershey's kisses has special limited addition Halloween flavors: pumpkin spice, candy corn.

  9. Sweet Baboo and I just bought seasons 1 - 4 of The Office.
    The Office and FLANNEL SHEETS! and Baboo! Woo hoo!


  1. I must say I like the glass half full kind of an attitude you got going here! I have never seen the hershey's halloween candies before... I think I may like it without ever trying it!

    Hang in there with the job, doors will open for you.


  2. The pumpkin spice latte is out by me....

  3. You totally had me at Hershey's candy corn. Wowza.

  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    The Office rocks and so do pumpkin spice lattes!!

  5. Hershey's makes pumpkin kisses? OMG!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!

    just kidding.

    I found your blog a couple of days ago and have been enjoying it very much.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the pumpkin spice kisses.
    #4 on the "but" list is the best one of all.

  7. I just found your blog and am making my way through all your posts, but I wanted to stop really quick to say WOW...YOU ROCK!

    I started training for my first marathon (seriously training anyway...started runnin in Sept 07) in April of this year weighing about 200 lbs. I'm down to 170 now and will run my race on 10/19. My goal is do my first Ironman within the next five years. I can't wait to get through your blog...you've motivated me so much already!


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