Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, I just don't know what to think about my leg. After last weeks' nearly 8-mile uphill trail run, it felt great, and after Wednesday's almost 5-mile road run, it felt like hell. I've come to the conclusion that
1) Maybe the trail running was good for it, but the road running (actually 2 miles of it was on cement sidewalk) was bad for it, or
2) It has become self aware (the pain) and It is letting me know who's boss, or
3) I'm cursed.

Either way I'm impatient or depressed at any given time because I can't run. Also, my eyes are itching like crazy; what's THAT all about??

Other than the pain, the run to the pool was okay. Nice pool. But, they don't offer towels, shampoo, and conditioner, like my club does, so i had to carry items in a small backpack. I'm going to stick to running from the gym out to the bosque and back, and then swimming.

But back to the running. So, this weekend, I will be doing the Elephant Butte Olympic Triathlon, affectionately known around here by locals as the Elf Butt, and CLEARLY, I will be very slow. I may end up walking the 10K "run". We'll see.

Meanwhile, it's the most beautiful time of year for running, and my left leg won't let me. Stupid left leg.



  1. Your club gives you towels, shampoo and conditioner? That's not a club! That's a SPA! :-)

    Hope your leg is feeling better soon!

  2. What Fe-Lady said!!

  3. I know a couple of ultra runners who cannot run on pavement at all but they can do 100 miles runs on trails. You might be one of those people. Elf Butt might be okay. Just stay off the pavement for a while and see how that goes. I hope it goes well.

  4. Good Luck Misty. (Not that luck ever plays too much a part in it). Forward motion is forward motion. Running/walking/jogging/limping...
    it' all forward motion and still counts.

  5. Aww. Poor thing. I hope your leg feels better. I had issues last weekend and finished the run in the grass. It helped but really, I needed to stay off of it for a while. So maybe your left leg just needs some me time.


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