Friday, November 14, 2008

Didja ever...

Climb up a hill without paying attention to how you get back down, so that you have to spend about 3 times as much time getting down as you did getting up, and it's so steep and rocky and loose that you just kind of inch your way down, one tiny step at a time, pretty sure that at any moment you're going to lose your footing and fall ass over elbows down a VERY steep incline?

And as you were trying really hard not to fall, did you think to yourself, crap, I was SURE I thought I saw a trail on this side, why oh why didn't I go down the OTHER side where there IS A PATH?

And then as you were doing all this did that did you realize, oh hell, this hill is way higher than I thought it was and OH MY GOD those people look REALLY TINY DOWN there in that parking lot?



Well, me neither.



  1. as a matter of fact...yup! :-)

  2. Ummmm.....yeah, no that's never happened to me either (Indian School trail) LOL

  3. All downhills are problematic for me. My depth perception is wanky. I guess it's a good thing I live at sea level and only have the type of problem you describe when I'm on vacation.

  4. I don't believe you.

    I get lost so easily that I have to use trail markers when I go out. Okay - that's a lie but in the middle of nowhere I would be very tempted.


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