Friday, November 28, 2008

In Which I Feel Encouraged.

We interrupt this work day for a nootime run.

Sweet Baboo and I did a lunchtime run today - I had tried it Wednesday and couldn't believe how deconditioned my legs are for blacktop. By the time I got 1 mile into it they burned, and I felt like there were bricks tied to my feet. Know how sometimes when you're headed up a hill and your quads burn like crazy? My legs did that on Wednesday, from about hip to toes. Ow. Discouraging.
As a result I was reluctant to go back out. I haven't run on blacktop since September when my injury really barked at me and said "NO, I DON'T F'N THINK SO!!"

So today as noon approached I started coming up with all sorts of reasons, in my head, why I wasn't going to do this run. Of course, I had been stupid enough to mention my planned run to Baboo on the way in so that about 11:30 Baboo messaged me and asked me when I was going, because he thought he'd go too. What could I do? I can't say I'm too busy. Having your spouse/carpool partner/workout partner means they know. Oh, THEY KNOW. Baboo knows I'm neither so important or busy that I can't go for a run at lunch. All I've been doing these days is training and learning about how the brain functions.

Besides, I can't look Baboo in the eye and make my crazy excuses. I just can't do it; it's like lying. Baboo gets all uber-reasonable and says things like, "well, if you think that's what's best" and then he acts all trusting and reasonable until I want to scream STOP TORTURING ME WITH YOUR TRUSTFULNESS!! My threshold of guilt is too low and besides, I SUCK at lying, although not always to myself, so it's easier just to not go through that, y'know?

Stuck, I was....Running, I would.

SO we headed out, and of course I got the burning legs and it hurt like crazy but after about the first 3/4 mile we found this really cool open area that borders a city park right next to where we work. It's kind of hidden. It has a nice, wide path around it that is just sandy trail, and it's nearly a mile around. As usual, once I get my legs under me, I enjoyed my run.
Once I got into my 2nd mile, the burning S-L-O-W-L-Y went away. Very encouraging. We did about 3.25 miles, leaving ourselves time for a walk cool down and to change back into our "professional" clothes, or whatever suffices on Black Friday in which half the staff is on vacation.

Very happy I went on the run. Here's hoping the conditioning comes back fast! I've got about 6 weeks until the Ghost Town time to waste making excuses.
Training from here on out will probably consist of at least twice a week where I run at lunch and then an evening trail run, then a short trail run on Saturdays and a LSR on Sundays. Saturdays I'll spin, and I'd like to fit in a spin once during the week, if I can. We'll see. We found a master swim class that meets once a week in the evenings, too.



  1. Hi. My friend Becky that I train with is not going to be able to run LV marathon! She thought her left quad was just a sore strained muscle. NOT they did an MRI and the muscle and ligament are tearing away from the bone a little and there is swelling. DR said no running for 6-8 weeks. She had done all her training correctly but I guess just one of those things that happens, plus her age too she is 58. her and hubby will still be coming to LV to cheer me on in the half.

  2. Yay you for getting out there! Running during the workday is so hard-core :)

  3. Encouraged is good. Very good!

  4. I love/hate lunch time runs. They are hard to get started, they are sometimes hard to finish, but I do feel pretty hardcore afterwards at work when everyone else just ate Burger King and surfed the net.

    Good job getting it done.

  5. Sometimes the worst thing is our anxiety about taking that first step (or so).

    Good for you and happy thanksgiving.

  6. It sucks coming back to a particular type of training, like black top, & realizing your a little behind your usual pace. You've gotten AMAZING base built
    up though, so I bet you'll be back into the kicking butt black top runner you were in no
    time at all! Also, thanks for all the support & encouragement you gave me for
    IMAZ. U rock.


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