Sunday, November 02, 2008

Foothills Trail Run

Last week I discovered I still can't run on pavement. I did a 3 mile power walk Thursday, and then a 3 mile power hike on Friday.

Today I finally, finally, finally got a decent run in. It was a trail run, so a lot of it was hiking, but still - it's the longest run I've done since the 50K 2 weeks ago. My leg appears to be nearly healed, too, so I was actually able to RUN.

This is in an area that we've discovered we can get to pretty close after work. We came out here Friday, but my leg hurt like hell and I could barely walk. I did a few hill repeats and worried, worried, worried.

This morning, miracle of miracles, I barely felt a thing. We were at 6000 feet up, about 1000 feet higher than usual. I climbed up a ways, and got about a 200 degree view of the area.

The goal is to be ready for the Ghost Town 38.5 in January. I'll need to get in some more climbing and hiking along with running before then. Also, if I can't run on pavement at some point between then and now, I'm going to be in a world of hurt. The trail runs will get longer, in the meantime. Today I was only out for about an hour and a half or so. That sounds like a long time for 5 miles, but I was taking it easy because I was nervous about the neg, and also there was a LOT of climbing, stopping, and looking around.

Then we went to look at a nearby house for sale. Mmmm. How cool would it be to have trail running in your back yard? More on this as it develops. I'm just happy to be back on the trails again.



  1. That looks like a nice place for running. There are so many good trails where you are!

    Whenever I'm in Albuquerque I hike the La Luz trail. I know there's a local race up the trail, but it's a bit of a stretch for a gal like me who lives on flat land at sea level. If I were to ever live in a hilly or mountainous area though, I'd enjoy training for something like that.

  2. What beautiful view!

    It would be awesome to have a trail running through your backyard! I have to get in the car and DRIVE just to go running and biking. It's sad. (I wouldn't dare go on our country road, it's hilly and curvy and every car drives like they're out to win a championship or something. They come over the hills and around the corners on the opposite side of the road half the time! Scary!)

  3. Beautiful trail! Hope your leg is 100% soonest.

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    How awesome it would be to live right on your favorite running trail!!

    Glad the injuries holding up for you :)


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