Saturday, November 29, 2008

In Which Injinji Does Not Love Or Appreciate Me.


if they did,

I would not have heard about this second-hand.

>Sigh< >Lust<



  1. third hand! i'm not third hand..i'm second hand ;)

  2. they don't love you like Courtney loves you!

  3. They should give you free ones - you're the reason I bought 2 pairs (and I'll be emailing them about why those cool stripey ones aren't available here)

  4. I'm glad I heard it from you...I love me my Injinjis (even if I always have to look at the word to spell it!)

  5. I have wanted some for a while but now I HAVE to have those stripey ones! LOVE them! (Fourth hand is better than bare feet?)


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