Tuesday, December 02, 2008

In Which I Submit My Shameful November Miles.

Bike: 63 Mi
Run: 29.35 Mi
Elliptical Training: 13 miles, according to the machines.

This Sunday is the first annual Jingle Bells Triathlon which is a reverse-sprint tri practically in my back yard, at least of the old house. I'm still having some significant discomfort, so I've decided to do it as a relay. I haven't done any swimming in a month, so of course I'm going to do the swim portion. :-) This will be a new experience because I've never done a relay before.

Thus far, plans are: Cindy run, Courtney bike, Misty swim. For some reason nobody ever wants to do the swim? which is fine with me, but I'm still curious as to why everyone hates the swimming so much.

(Not me, if I could skip the bike and do a swim-run or run-swim, I'd be happy as a hog in, well, you know.)

Anyway. My plan is to go ahead and take off with the run, even though I'm not actually going to be in that event, just for the workout and the warmup. Then I'll go hang out and wait for Courtney to come back from the bike and then jump in the pool. Wheee!



  1. sounds like fun! I too love the swim portion.... but then I love to bike as well but run ugh!

  2. Did you already actually move?

  3. I like the swim the least because it takes so much concentration just to breathe!

  4. That sounds like a fun race! good luck. i love the swim.

  5. Nope, haven't actually moved yet. We close on the new house in a couple weeks, but even then we have to stay put in the suburbs until Mini-baboo graduates from HS. Until then, I guess we'll "weekend" in the city.

  6. I'm a pretty confident swimmer, but the idea of a reverse tri sounds a tad worrisome to me. Doing it as a relay makes more sense. Have fun!

  7. Howdy,
    Just looking at your race schedule for next year. I will also be at Ghost Town and at Rocky. Rocky is a fantastic race!! Have you done it before? You can read my race report from this year's Rocky on my blog. Look forward to seeing ya on the trail sometime! Peace!

  8. Have fun. I would have joined a relay if someone suggested it to me - so I think you're "right on" - after all, this is the off season. :-)

  9. oh, and i thought you were doing master swimming? decide against it?


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