Saturday, December 06, 2008

In Which I Suck, Suck, Suck. And Am Discouraged.

I went for an 8 mile trail run today, and it sucked, sucked, sucked. It's like I have to start over again. My legs felt old, heavy, and tired. I felt old, heavy, and tired. I was breathless and slow and everything that I didn't expect to be.

I would have thought I'd be bouncing back faster than this. And I'm not. In fact, it seems to get worse every time I run. I was beginning to wonder if I am going to be back in shape for the Ghost Town 38.5 in about 5 weeks.

It doesn't help that I'm up 14 pounds from my August weight, and that I was carring a 10-pound pack.

This was the longest trail run I've done since Palo Duro in October, nearly two months ago, and I was about 20 pounds heavier on the trails today than I was then.

Plus, all my climbing muscles and tendons and such as soft, and need to be reconditioned. OW.

>Heavy Sigh.<

The good part of today's run was that it was in the hills near our new house. The more we run out there the more I'm starting to learn loops and routes for easy workuts, challenging workouts, and workouts with a view. Now, I found out that there is this racewalking club here in Albuquerque. A woman I work with, her spouse is a competitive racewalker. I looked up some stuff and did you know the champion racewalkers can WALK a 5K in under 21 minutes? and a 10K in under 42 minutes?


I'd never give up running. But in those moments when I can't run, or if I need a break from the pounding, I'd like to be able to walk quickly. I think it would be great crosstraining. I'm not saying it woud be easy. Just different.

So, I emailed a guy in the racewalking club here and asked him for information. Like, is there someone who can teach me? Coach me?

Maybe it will be a new adventure. racewalking the hills of the 'Burque. Cool. I'll be sure and share everything I find out.



  1. I feel your pain! let's run/walk together when I get back..

  2. You are out there. You know from experience things will just get better. You know this.

    I've gotten waxed by speedwalkers in a couple of events like the San Diego Marathon and Wildflower. Speedwalking is fast!

    I'm doing a trail run tomorrow. Is it wrong for me to hope that my trail run goes better than did yours?

  3. Today I utterly sucked too. It must be the phase of the moon. Hang in there :)

  4. I was feeling down in the dumps yesterday too. My left IT band is acting up again. ARG...

    Hang in there, YOU WILL get there!

  5. I hear ya. It is so hard to get back in the groove.

    I did a trail run last weekend and while the run part went ok there were some other issues. (Just posted on it so I will spare you the details.)

    Just know that it gets easier. It always does. Keep putting your shoes on and moving forward.

  6. So sorry to hear you are discouraged. Maybe you need a massage to help your circulation and your feelings? :D Speed walking amazes me, but I can't imagine ever doing it myself. Would love to hear what you find out about it.

  7. I struggle struggle with the running as well.

    some physical and some mental here. Great idea about the racewalking---cant wait to read more AND am gonna follow suit here in TX and see what I can find!



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