Monday, December 15, 2008

PSA: Where to Shop for Big, Fast Girls.

and even the ones that aren't so fast, but they're out there anyway, trying.

Oooohhh! What did you do? Did you just agonize for so long over what to buy her that you haven't bought her anything yet?

Never fear. There's always federal express, and gift certificates. But you need to move now.

These are my favorite active-wear vendors. They make clothes not just that are bigger, but are functional and comfotable, with an eye on things like support and chafing. And, they (usually) don't insult us by using size 2 models for their larger-sized items. If it makes you feel less anxious, you could buy a gift certificate for her to one of them.
  • Moving Comfort (they sell of their stuff online at Amazon)
  • Athleta - they use skinny models, but lots of their stuff comes in 1x and 2x, so they can be forgiven. They also put out a catalog.
  • Junonia - active clothing size 14 and up. They also put out a catalog.
  • H2O wear. Swimsuits for EVERYONE. They even sell neoprene tights and vests, which might be a viable wetsuit option. They sell chlorine-resistant swimwear in ALL kinds of sizes. Seriously. ALL KINDS.
  • Injinji - not just for big people, but for all people with big, sweaty feet. And now they're making sock in girly colors, too. They should pay me for all the times I've recommended them. With, uh, stripy rainbow socks. Yeah, that should do it.
  • Almost forgot: RaceReady. Pretty much anything for endurance runners is great for the larger runner, because it takes things into account that affect us at shorter distances ;-) I recommend their fitness ld shorts and knickers.



  1. They should totally be giving you a referral cut for all the people that have tried them because of you. I know I bought them because of you and now I want more!

  2. I keep a running list of places on my blog as well, though I no longer have near the traffic I used to. Some of my faves include Terry Bicycles and Team Estrogen.

    I also have it on very good authority that Junonia has been working very hard on its triathlon line and at the very least, the tri-top they are developing is awesome.

  3. I bought my injinji socks becuase of you as well! I want some stripy ones though...

  4. Do you have any experience with Title Nine Sports products? They have an excellent barbell rating system for their sports bras--up to 5 for more fortunate....I mean, more chesty ladies than myself.

  5. I haven't purchased anything from Title 9. I do note, however, that according to Title 9's fit guide, I'm "extra large". :-(
    I wear a 12/14, and since XL is their largest size, that leaves out a lot of women.


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