Friday, January 02, 2009

Another >yawn< Weight Loss/Dieting Resolution.

Happy 2009! I've been too busy to make New Year's resolutions, so I've got some general goals. here they are:

1) Finish my first 50-miler.

2) Do 10 pushups. In a row (Yeah. Um, well, that was the resolution last year, and I got pretty close but then I got distracted and quit and am now back to a soft, noodly upper body. Perhaps, to punish myself, I'll make it 20. And video it.)

3) Still not eating chlorella. Or swimming in it, either.

4) OMG, I've gained enough weight during injury recovery and new job transition crap to have actually started developing a double chin! AND, my clothes don't fit! AND, my knees hurt when I run! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!

Okay. Breathe.


First, I did a 4-mile power racewalk/hike with a tiny bit of jogging on New Year's day (Go, Me!) and one on New Year's eve, and I finally feel like my cardiovascular self is back to normal. I'm living at 6000 feet, which helps, I think, and I've been working on these trails a couple times a week all during December.

Of course, now that my tibia thing has healed, I'm having ITB issues. OH, HELLOOO MR. LEFT ITBAND. I THINK I MET YOUR BROTHER, RIGHT ITBAND LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME?


Still, I did the hikes averaging under the pace I need to finish at the Ghost Town next week NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK, OMG!! But best of all, it's a doable sub-hour 4-mile trail hike/run loop right by my house . I LOVE having a known routine so that I can just get moving and zone out.

Second, I've noticed that I eat less without Mini-Baboo around. I think it's because of the creeping worry that, 'OMG, I HAVE TO EAT NOW BECAUSE THERE MIGHT NOT BE ANY FOOD LEFT SOON' that's been persistant in my life since my oldest child learned to open a refrigerator back in oh, 1986. (And you're not allowed to put locks on the refrigerator. I've asked.)

Third, I've joined The Challenge.

DP did this in 2002 or so, and since becoming My Official Dieting Boss Lady last year, DP often calls me up to tell me about such things. Usually, I hem and haw and give all manner of excuses, but not this is the jump start I need to get some of those pounds off that I gained during October and November while waiting for my tibia to heal.

I know that the extra muscle will help me in ultrarunning - I found that out at Palo Duro after doing 6 weeks of core work; it made a HUGE difference in how I felt after running 31 miles. Plus, as DP says, it's got accountability built into it, and you can get "free" information from professional nutritionists. Um, excuse me, I'm a strict vegetarian ultra runner - can you help me out with the whole carb thing?

Not to be outdone, of course (who wants a wife that can beat them up?) Sweet Baboo will be doing it with me.

It involves before (shudder) and after photos, skin fold tests, and weigh-ins.

As one famous blogger I know says, "Stay Tuned..."



  1. Great resolutions! Good luck!

  2. *sniff* where's the adventure of swimming in the green stuff if we're not going to do it :(

    I think those are great goals and I wish you luck :) But I may have to get you to swim in chlorella. It didn't kill me last year so it's all good :)

  3. Good luck with 2009. I am facing a huge weight problem also. How do we lose it and back it comes?

  4. You had a great 2008 and it was very exciting to read along with you. Thanks again for another inspiring year!

    Is it wrong that I want to put a hit out on Valerie Bertinelli every time I see that damn Jenny Craig commercial where she cries about not having to make a goal about her weight? Bugs the $*&t out of me.

    Maybe I am just bitter, because my lost weight found me.

    Good luck on your challenge. It sounds like a great idea.

  5. Hi There,
    Great Resolutions. Coming back from injury is quite a journey. I just started my own blog - you have inspired me. I would love to know what you think if you get a chance.
    Keep up the good work and the inspiration.

  6. Hi There,
    Great Resolutions. Coming back from injury is quite a journey. I just started my own blog - you have inspired me. I would love to know what you think if you get a chance.
    Keep up the good work and the inspiration.

  7. Still LOVE your blog. You are very inspirational. I can feel you on the ebbs and flows of training and injuries. Hang in there! Blessings in 2009!

  8. As usual hilarious post. Love your bluntness. Good luck on your ultrarunning. Training for my last marathon put me into recovery that has lasted three months. Keep plugging away!


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