Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Gear" review: Prowash Activewear Detergent for Big, Smelly Runners

Okay.  I'll admit it.  

I don't do laundry.  Sweet Baboo does it. There was just one too many incidents where I didn't check pockets and one of my lipsticks made it all the way through to the dryer...and, well, you get the story.   He doesn't trust me with his clothes, and that's okay, because I hate doing laundry anyway.  

I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't do it on purpose.

So when ProWash wrote me and asked me to do a review of their new product, at first I was like, "Whatever.  Another detergent.  Well, at least it's free."   They sent us a box and we started using it.   After a month of using ProWash, I asked Sweet Baboo what his impressions are, and put together with mine, here are the results:

Sweet Baboo and I do things.  Sweaty things.  Beastly sweaty things.  Take last Saturday, for instance, when Baboo ran 60 miles.  Okay, 62 POINT 14, as he reminds me, often, he will not be cheated of any distance on that brutal run.  Trail running, for us bigger folk, involves a bit more than the usual allotment of odors and essences and grime and dirt.

So, in the past, we've used other detergent for activewear, and I won't name names.  Even though we were using it, each of us had at least one article of clothing that we noticed, when we first started working out, would immediately start, um, well, STINKING.   I had one shirt, in fact, that my teenage son had given to me.  I didn't wear it.  It was just too funky.  As Baboo said, it's like there were little stink particles that hid in the fabric and waited...waited...

After using ProWash a couple weeks, Sweet Baboo and I both noticed that this detergent got rid of all the smells in a way that the other activewear did not.  So it got rid of some clothes that I haven't been able to wear in over a year.  The running clothes have lost their smelliness, in addition to getting clean.  

2) We both like that it's HE, high-efficiency.  It's concentrated.

3) We like the packaging.  It's in a collapsable bottle, which takes up less space in landfills if you have a low-threshold of guilt, like I do.  And when you use it, says that you don't fill up a cap that gets all drippy and nasty.  Instead, you look at a line on the side of the package and use that to measure your dose.  

But the selling point for me, is the lack of stink.

You can get it online at Amazon and



  1. Oh sure, NOW you review this stuff, not 6 days after I just ordered 4 bottles of WIN (and I'm praying that wasn't the stuff you didn't like). Oh well, if the WIN doesn't work out this stuff will be next.

    Thanks for the review (even if it is late :-)

  2. Thanks for the review!

  3. Thank you for remindning me that I also need to review this product. My experience is about the same as yours - it really does kill the stink.


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