Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts in the middle of week 2 of "The Challenge"

My hair is moving past that awkward, growing-out stage and approaching a point where I can tie it back if it displeases me. This morning, I decided that I liked my mirror image, and it was a good day.

This morning I was asked, by a coworker with no stake in the asking or the answer: Are you losing weight? Your pants look looser. It is rediculous how happy such an offhand question can make me.
Why, yes, the pants are looser, thank you. I've lost 6 or 7 pounds; before long, I may be able to expand my work wardrobe beyond the very narrow range that currently fits me and into the stuff that's been relegated to the "too small" section of my closet.

Issues: Contrary to questions I've received, I'm not, em, "gassy". However... (64 ounces of water a day) I am like the proverbial racehorse. Not in that I'm sleek, powerful and fast; more that I am in the bathroom All. Day. Long. I am NOTHING if not well-hydrated.
And, as I was telling DP, I actually feel better this week. My skin is clearer, and I feel less bloated. What felt like a very restrictive diet now feels more normal this week, and some of the nastier cravings have subsided. I'm averaging between 1600 and 1900 calories a day. My energy is good, too, and more stable, thoughout the day. I'm not getting the post-lunch sleepiness.
Maybe this is how I should be eating - maybe, for my body type, maybe I'm supposed to be getting more lean protein? It would fit with all the stuff I've read about endomorphs.
I am making use of stuff I can get at Costco, such as EAS protein powder, Premier protein bars, Yoplait light yogurt, Boca Burgers, Vanilla soy milk, and a Costco version of Egg Beaters (PS: Egg beaters are real eggs; they just have the yolks taken out.) The Yoplait light is fat-free and sugar-free. I switched from crumbled blue cheese/feta cheese to Wishbone light blue cheese dressing. Big savings with respect to saturated fat.

I had my first cheat meal last week, and it was a gargantuous bowl of popcorn, and even then my caloric intake for that day didn't go over 2100.

Resistance training: I bought a couple of resistance bands and a pair of "Pushup-Pro" things to make pushups easier on my wrists. I took these things to work, and started using during my morning and afternoon breaks in my office. My arms hurt. Ow. Upper body work is Tuesday/Thursday, and Lower Body Work is Monday/Wednesday. I work about 15 minutes, tops, each workout. Lunch time is walk (or, when the IT band heals) jog time.

I did not do the 18 miles I was planning on Sunday. I woke up feeling my IT band, and decided to take the day off. I think this Saturday I may return to spin, depending on how my IT band is doing. We'll see.



  1. You have a great case of "stick-to -it-ous." Great job!

    IT band a problem? Get the foam roller!!!!!

  2. Great "sticking to it" report!
    Let me know how you like the push up thingys- my wrists are so bad from falls and surgeries!

    Keep healing...completely!!!!

  3. Progress and compliments are always good!

  4. Many congrats! I personally think looser clothes is one of the most awesome and gratifying feelings EVER.

    But, man oh man...how can you lose 2+ lbs/week eating 1600-1900 kcal? I gain when I eat that much. :( I only have 7 lbs. to lose and I've been trying for months. Booo on me.

  5. And I was thinking "How can you live on 1600 cal?" Way to be tough and stick it out. Loose clothes are a good reward.

    Egg Beaters = eggs? Still don't believe it. Nope.

  6. I lose weight rediculously fast when I'm disciplined. But then I bottom out around 160 and it's a long, uphill struggle after that.

  7. I have the 'Perfect Pushup' handles and really like them. You get a better workout (read: it's way harder) when doing pushups, for sure. The only problem I found is that my hands hurt after using them for 5-6 weeks..


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