Saturday, January 24, 2009

Notes from the week.

Here's some graphs from LifeForm:

Training this week:
I power-walked between 2 and 3 miles Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during my lunch hour.
Saturday, Sweet Baboo and I did a 5-1/2 mile hike in the foothills behind our new abode. Tomorrow, I'll be power-walking 18 miles down Tramway and back.
That's a total of about 32 miles this week. Not bad for someone who can't run right now.

I'm going to be working this next week on bringing down the fat some: especially the saturated fat.

So, I went to the first "THE CHALLENGE" meeting this past Thursday. They provided us in the beginning with a really nice log book and guidelines for eating, and each time we go to one of these meetings I get one or two pieces of truly useful information that I wouldn't have gotten had I not attended.

But. the rest of the time Sweet Baboo and I spend rolling our eyes and masking our skepticism. And sighing deeply. I have never met a people so invested in the cleanliness of their colons and so eager to sell me something called Isogenics. No, I don't want to hear your success story and how much you owe it all to Isogenics. Thanks.

Puh. Leeze.

They gave us a checklist of things that make you toxic. Apparently, my body is a Superfund site. What follows is a short list of things I do that make me toxic:

...wearing makeup, coloring my hair, eating splenda, drinking tap water, drinking bottled water, (??) eating non-organic food, living within 100 miles of non-organic agriculture, bathing in tap water, washing my clothes with regular store-bought detergent, wearing deodorant and/or antiperspirant, wearing lotions and/or sunscreens, swimming in a chlorinated pool, driving my car every day, never having had a colonic...

In the contest between me and Baboo, I won: I'm the most toxic, mostly due to my vanity, although, as men go, Baboo is awfully clean and he was a close second. We have to have our priorities, right? I've claimed mine. Apparently, in order to be non-toxic, I have to be plain, ugly, sunburned, dry-skin, dirty, and smelly. I'm far, far too vain to be non-toxic.

Well, I'll show 'em. I'm determined to finish THE CHALLENGE as a makeup-wearing, hair-dying, water drinking vegetarian who sucks down a LOT of Splenda and hasn't had one enemas or colonic.

And that's all I'm going to say on the matter of poo and all things related to poo, because I personally never cared much for it in conversation except perhaps among the closest of friends seeking some sort of advice. Even when my kids were little I didn't talk about it, and couldn't understand why anyone would. The end.

Oh. And I bought one of these. and also one of these. I can't wait until they get here.



  1. Hahahahaha! Laugh out loud funny, my dear. It's long been my opinion that triathletes aren't generally that invested in health; we'd rather be out having our own (admittedly odd) kind of fun. I'll keep my deodorant and my swimming pool, thank you very much! Must be fun to be the best-looking, cleanest person in the group, though.

  2. You will LOVE the Courage top. I now have three. A must have for chilly runs.

  3. Cool threads. Way cool.

    Much better than enjoying an enema.

  4. WOW - I'm surprised the EPA hasn't been knocking on my door due to my permed and colored hair that requires several different hair products applied daily. Can't we just wear some of those Kinoki foot pads to bed to suck out all of the toxins? I saw them in Walmart since they didn't go over big on tv. ha ha ha Love the new duds. Gonna have to check those out!

  5. So, what are you supposed to drink if tap and bottled water are bad? Not too many pollutant free streams running around these days. And, what are you supposed to bath in? If not water, maybe champagne?

    The new shirt, very cute. I'll wait for a new post about the new running skirt. I have legs in skirt issues. Those things look cute on everyone else, except me.

  6. Please update us on that skirt as soon as you try it out. I am so aggravated with things moving on my thighs and cannot for the life of me find the right thing to run in now that Target has retired my shorts. SIGH. I that skirt is worth it! It looks so hopeful!

  7. Love the outfit!! Wish I could wear something like that.

    Great job on the walking-that is alot of miles.

  8. These people sound insane. Why exactly are you going to THIS group instead of something based on actual evidence?

  9. I'm sure you've seen any one of my zillion rants on 'flushing the toxins' gah!

    You will be clean, smell nice AND look fabulous. What could be better?

  10. Yeah, the water thing is just bizarre.

    I don't know if you like to do these kind of things, but I nominated you as one of my favorite fabulous bloggers- the "rules" are in my most recent post.

    Take care!

  11. I'm going to the group because DP recommended it, and I'm pretty comfortable putting all the blame on her. I am getting good workout and diet information; just the "cleasing" part is very weird. In my line of work, once you start perseverating on your poo, it's time for therapy.


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