Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Which I Set Another Crazy-Assed Goal.

I haven't written in a few days mostly because I've been really bummed out and depressed. It feels like forever since I've run, and I realized that now it's been about 4 months. Nothing is getting better, so f##k it. I'm going to go run. If nothing is getting better by not running, then I might as well run, right?

And then last Thursday, I was stretching - that's it, just sitting in a chair observing a neuropsych evaluation, and I did a standard old "Ooo, I'm sleepy" kind of stretch, and I heard a noise that was kind of between a crunch and a squish. And then I couldn't turn my head. WTF?

It started feeling better, this very serious crick in my neck, by the weekend and then Monday morning I opened my eyes, yawned, stretched, and I did it again. OW. No lifting. Can't run. Ice made it feel far, far worse. The only thing that made me feel good was valerian and Advil and a nice dose of leaving it the hell alone.

Of course, bad IT band+bad neck=depressed. Hey, does anyone make a sports drink with Prozac in it?
More importantly, is this what getting old is? Because getting old. Sucks.

So, the neck thing, though, it's slowly going away. What happened was, my traps get really super tight when I'm stressed, and I've been a bit so lately, and I stretched my traps too hard by raising my arms and stretching hard. But it's better, a bit. Tomorrow, I go back to power walking and maybe some light lifting.
Sunday morning, I'm going to run. Don't care how much Advil it takes.

Meanwhile, I was thinking I need something to keep me going. So, now I've got this crazy-assed goal,
I was going to make it my secret goal, but now I'll say it out loud because that helps me be accountable:

I want to do the quad next year.

"The Quad" is the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon: a crazy-assed race in Grants, New Mexico. It's a 13 mile bike, 5 mile run, 2 miles cross-country ski, and then 1 mile snow shoe out, and then the whole thing back, in reverse.

Hmm. that doesn't sound bad, for an IronChick, you might say. So, you're covering 44 miles Why, that's not even a half iron. There's not even any swimming. What's the big deal?

Um, did I mention that it's up to the top of Mt. Taylor and back down? See, the bike climbs 1800 feet, the run climbs 1200 feet, the ski climbs 1200 feet, and the snowshoe climbs 600 feet.
I climbed Mt. Taylor with Sweet Baboo once. It took me hours and hours and hours. And hours. No--hours. Most of the day, on foot, carrying very little, in the summer. He followed patiently and tolerating my sweating, swearing, crying and whining - this was in 2003, I think, before I became a multisport idiot fiend.

Um, Okay. Now this is just sounding nuts. I'm starting to scare myself. Wait. How do you climb up 1200 feet over 2 miles on skiis?

I had this insane notion that maybe I'm more focused when I have some sort of crazy goal like this. Crazy-assed goals motivate me. I'm too stubborn to back down from one, even when it's painfully, woefully clear that there are many reasons why I should fail. Like the laws of physics.
So, goals. This is mine. One year from now.

February 2010.


Mt. Taylor.

The Quad.

Bike, Run, Ski, Snowshoe up...then snowshoe, ski, run, bike back down


Now, I guess I need to learn how to ski.


  1. Good luck! We're getting a relay together for the quad next year because I'm not QUITE crazy enough to attempt it myself. And I feel you on the pain...I'm giving up on it too and just going for it anyway.

  2. Sounds like a great goal that is certainly achievable. I love your attitude!

  3. I love your goals because they are so out of the box. It is motivating to watch you set your sights on something and achieve it.

  4. Anonymous7:19 AM

    LOL! You are crazy, but it does sound like a lot of fun too!

  5. Get yourself a massage! What have you done about the ITB issue? Take care of your glutes and your glutes will take care of your IT band.

  6. OH YEAH! The Quad is a blast. We'll have fun. We'll take you there to train on Mt Taylor pre quad and introduce you to the ski course. It'll be GREAT!

  7. The neck, ouch! I hate it when I pull something in my neck. The Quad sounds like quite a goal. No doubt you will succeed.

  8. wow what an intense challenge/race! i have no doubts you could do it though. i hate when i get stiffness/soreness in my neck from sleeping funny, so i can't imagine how bad it was for you! glad it's starting to feel better and i hope you are able to get out and run for real soon. take care of your it band though, don't want it flaring up and becoming a super long term thing.

  9. Why not? Couldn't be worse than walking 50 miles. Could it?

    That neck thing sounds like stress. Running would probably fix that. But you can't run, which is why you're stressed. Heck, I'm getting stressed.

    Get well quick and get running quicker. Than we'll all feel better.

  10. I'm looking at your race list to the right, above the newest addition, and thinking "this isn't crazy enough?" I think doing the quad is crazy with a side of loopy but I'm all for free choice so knock your Injinjis off, babe!

  11. I did that exact neck thing stretching while waking up one morning. Then, about 5 days later when it was finally going away, I did it again! What is wrong with our bodies that that happens? I don't get it.

  12. You inspire me!
    the Quad sounds like a perfect crazy goal 2010 - I'm sure you will have fun getting there.

    take care


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