Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes, it's slow, but it's still running.

Thanks a couple of posts by SW TriGal (you go, Debi) I’m on a self-imposed trial of supplements by a company called Emerita for the whole, “change of life” thing. But like I said to Sweet Baboo this morning, it sure is taking a lot more crèams, potions, and lotions to be me these days.

I haven't lost any more weight, but my clothes are fitting better, so that's something.

The best help I’ve gotten for the IT band thing has been this fact sheet and exercises for my “gluteous medius” (Abductors) from this web site. The fact sheet has an stretch that brought instant relief. I do use ice, and feel worse after using it, but then I stretch, and I feel better. I have also brought the dreaded FOAM ROLLER to work. Because, you know, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do something that, as my friend Mike G puts it, makes you just about bleed our your eyes.

The best news is, I ran yesterday! True, it was a 3.2 mile run/walk for 3.2 miles, but the most I've done in 4 months. It was hard to do. In all honesty, I had forgotten how to run, and my body is not used to the jarring that goes with running. It was, like, okay! Here I go! Wow! Ow. That shouldn’t hurt like that. Have I always run like that, landing on my heels that way? No? Okay. Let’s start this again, slowwwwllllly.

So, I guessing I'm starting over, using that shuffling jog from 2005, but I have hope now. Even if WeightWatchers and SparkPeople don’t consider my pace running, I ran. Yes, it hurt, but not so much, and it didn’t get worse as I moved. So for now, short (3-5 mile) walk/runs, and a weekend long walk/hike in the hills. I’ll start PT next week, too.

Oh, about the WeightWatcher's card above? I just bought that book. You should, too. (click on the picture).



  1. That WW receipe card book is the BEST. My favorite is the one for the Jellied Tomato Refresher-- "The time you spend eating this is time you want back at the end of your life, that's why it's served with a clock".

  2. OMG - my cubicle neighbor thinks I lost my mind. I can't stop laughing at the WW cards. Makes me want to run out and buy some mackeral.

  3. Have you considered trying a chiropractor? I mention this because I was highly skeptical but finally went earlier in Jan and he made a pain in my gluteous medius disappear. Something to think about...

  4. loosening clothes is definitely a good feeling! i'm sure the scale will get it's act together soon too :)

    i second the chiropractor idea, i have been going to one for forever and i believe having my spine in alignment helps keep everything working better since it houses the whole central nervous system which runs everything. just my opinion of course.

  5. I have an appointment with a PT person this week, but if that's unsuccessful, then yes, I'll try chiro.

  6. You'll be making love to that "Foam Roller" before you know it! No IT band issues for me ever sense FR and I started bumping. LOL

  7. I just stumbled on your blog via your rocky raccoon race report. I love your blog and will be stalking from now on. And if you say its running, its running!

  8. Happy for you that you're running again! Get all that stuff fixed quick-like.


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